NBDomain has officially launched

NBdomain officially launches

NBdomain and the first TLD on NBdomain protocol, ‘.B,’ officially launched on November 4. NBdomain is one of the first tools that allows individuals to use the Metanet.

NBdomain is a Bitcoin-based solution to the DNS problems many people face. With the ‘.B’ TLD, users can permanently register a domain via the blockchain. That domain is tied to their Bitcoin wallet address and any content created under/hosted at that domain is recorded to the BSV blockchain.

“All .B domains are permanent. Once it’s registered, it belongs to you. No one, [not] even the creator like us, can take it from you,” said Maxthon in their official announcement. “It also means [that] if something goes wrong, it cannot be undone.”

At the moment, three Bitcoin wallets—Volt wallet, Maxthon Vbox (which is built into Maxthon Browser 6 beta), and DotWallet—are compatible with NBdomain, however, many more wallets will be compatible with NBdomain in the future. 

“One of my favorite properties of NBdomain is that it does not depend on any third party to work. It only depends on the BSV blockchain,” NBdomain founder Jeff Chen told CoinGeek.

What is MetaNet?

The Metanet is the name many people use when they refer to what is likely to be the next version of the internet. On the Metanet, individuals can monetize the information they put online, own their data, and are legally bound to their actions. This turns the current internet—where massive corporations own user data and monetize that user data for themselves—on its head and puts the people, like you and me, who use the internet back in power.

How to start using NBdomain

You can begin using NBdomain and can register your ‘.B’ TLD by heading over to https://app.NBdomain.com/. If you have any questions, you can get in contact with the NBdomain team via their Telegram or Twitter account

Watch Maxthon founder Jeff Chen talk about “New Browsers & Domain Systems for a Bitcoin SV-Powered Internet” at CoinGeek Live.

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