NBDomain has officially launched

NBDomain moves from alpha to beta phase

NBDomain, the Bitcoin-based solution to the DNS problems many people face, is moving out of alpha phase into its beta phase. In the process, NBDomain has made several improvements that will enhance the user experience and give software engineers more freedom. 

“We designed NBDomain to give the general public easy access to the blockchain-based internet, the MetaNet,” NBDomain founder Jeff Chen told CoinGeek. “We hope others can leverage NBDomain in their applications to lower the barriers of blockchain adoption.”

Here is what you can look forward to in the NBDomain Beta version.

NBDomain improvements: What to expect

Instead of charging a user for each and every domain that they wish to register to the Bitcoin blockchain, NBDomain has decided that they will be giving away one free domain registry to each Bitcoin wallet—at the moment, the VBOX wallet as well as the Volt Finance wallet are compatible with NBDomain.

It will cost you 1,000 satoshis to create each domain; this is to deter any trolls, bots, or spammers that are looking to buy up all of the domains on NBDomain so that they can subsequently auction them off to make a profit. Which brings us to another feature that NBDomain beta will have, domain auctions.

Users can auction off their domains via NBDomain. In a domain auction, individuals bid auction-style for the domains that are for sale; the domain ultimately gets sold to the highest bidder. This feature creates an economy around blockchain-based domains and allows the free-market to assign value to a domain.

Blockchain ID

One of the most innovative features of NBDomain is Global ID. Global ID can be thought of as a global blockchain identity solution that allows users to sign in to several different sites and services via their Bitcoin wallet. What happens behind the scenes with a Global ID sign-in is that your Bitcoin wallet signs a piece of data that verifies that the individual attempting to sign in is the owner of the Bitcoin wallet being used.

Another feature that will simplify the user experience is NBDomain Paymails. An NBDomain Paymail is a username that you can attach to your blockchain-domain which allows you to easily send and receive Bitcoin without the need to remember a convoluted string of letters and numbers like you need to in a traditional wallet address. 

Where to find NBDomain

You can expect NBDomain beta to launch the week of July 19, and you can use NBDomain by visiting here.

If you are a software engineer, you will want to check out the NBDomain API, you can find all the resources you need to get up and running with the NBDomain API.

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