Multi asset trading platform eToro launches

Multi asset trading platform eToro launches in the US

 eToro, the global multi-asset trading platform with over 10 million registered users, announced the launch of its platform and cryptoasset wallet in the United States in a press release provided to Coingeek. This is an exciting development since eToro has been available to European users for over a decade and the platform has seen huge growth in the past months especially in the crypto space.

With the launch, U.S. customers with diverse levels of expertise can leverage eToro to collaborate with one another to find the best cryptoasset trading strategies in an environment rich with unconventional educational tools.

The eToro platform allows you to share your real track record, portfolio as well as your trades with the community. The platform allows users to engage with each other and share trading ideas which are then executed using real USD. The platform is particularly useful for those who are new to crypto trading since there are several educational resources which introduce users to this relatively new asset class and the risks that are associated with it.

Yoni Assia, Co-founder & CEO of eToro, said: “For the first time, Americans can collaborate with other crypto traders when making buying and selling decisions. Users can adjust their trading strategies by watching and learning from others on the platform. When I founded eToro, I envisioned a community where people could trade, invest and share their knowledge in a simple and transparent way. eToro also acts as a bridge between the old world of investing and a blockchain-powered future, helping our users navigate and benefit from the transition to cryptoassets for wealth building. People create the eToro experience and now Americans will play a major role in shaping our community and future. ”

eToro also has a CopyTrader feature which allows users to allocate funds to trade proportionally to another user’s portfolio. This also allows a CopyPortfolio feature which groups together assets under one selected trading strategy. Within the U.S., three cryptoasset CopyPortfolios will be available to traders at launch and further portfolios will be added throughout the year.

eToro also offers a highly secure multi-signature wallet which provides support to a number of coins. The wallet will offer BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, and XLM, with more cryptoassets available in the near future.

Users can log into the wallet with their existing eToro accounts and transfer coins from their trading accounts to hold them securely in their wallets. Users can also convert between different coins by just clicking a button as well as securely sending and receiving crypto through a QR code or sharing their wallet address.

Speaking on the launch, eToro U.S. Managing Director Guy Hirsch said, “eToro will play a lead role in transforming the financial services industry. We’re doing that successfully on a global scale and we are thrilled to finally be able to bring our offering to the U.S. audience.”

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