MoveGenius’s secret weapon is BSV blockchain securing data in the background

MoveGenius is an example of a company that is solving real world challenges, using BSV blockchain in the background to secure the data running through the platform.

Built by lawyers for estate agents and vendors, the MoveGenius platform provides vendors with a step-by-step legal onboarding process, all with the customer in mind.

Anyone who has purchased a home in the U.K. knows how painful the process can be, not to mention the huge amount of sensitive data to be shared digitally amongst multiple parties. In fact, according to MoveGenius CEO and Founder Hannah Nicholson, people find buying a house more stressful than having a divorce!

Recently, the London-based proptech startup announced £350,000 in pre-seed funding for a current valuation of £3.5 million, a clear indicator that Nicholson, a former lawyer and entrepreneur, is on to something.

“I was a corporate lawyer for five years and then I moved into legal tech, I worked as head of strategy and legal automation at a legal tech company,” Nicholson shared. 

“At the same time, I bought a house and I’ve always loved property, so I thought I’d combine the two skills and set up my own company, which I’d always wanted to do,” she revealed.

When asked what major problems in the real estate market MoveGenius is solving, Nicholson pointed out in the U.K. it takes an average of four months to complete a property sale and a third of property sales fall-through.

“We are solving the lengthy time to complete by getting the vendor to do upfront local authority such as we hope this will reduce the time to complete by around six weeks,” she explained.

“We also want to reduce fall-throughs and save vendors a lot of wasted costs and admin time so we’re digitalising and automating the whole onboarding platform,” Nicholson added.

MoveGenius’s seamless customer friendly interface and excellent UX is what separates them from competitors and existing proprietary software solutions. Vendors are encouraged to order searches upfront directly through the platform to speed up the time to exchange and soon there will be API’s to integrate into all portals and CRMs directly.

However, a secret weapon going on behind the scenes with the platform is the use of BSV blockchain. BSV will be used to secure and provide clear data which is easily accessible to approved third parties such as the land registry. 

Nicholson learned about the powers of the BSV blockchain through the Block Dojo U.K. accelerator program, of which MoveGenius was a graduate of Cohort 2.

“I joined the Block Dojo Incubator, which was great, and gave me investment for equity, and that was a bit like Start-Up School for three months. So that was really helpful,” she said.

“Our MVP is not actually built on blockchain, but in the future we’re looking at storing the data on blockchain because it’s most secure,” Nicholson revealed.

It is incredibly refreshing to see a talented female excelling with a product that touches the blockchain space, especially seeing as the blockchain universe is currently male dominated. On top of it all, Nicholson is most certainly not the only female on the MoveGenius team.

“We have an all-female team which is fantastic. I have Leo, a CTO, and Lucy, the head of design and associate developer,” she shared.

“I met Leo through university, so we had an all-female team quite organically and as we’re growing now, we fundraised, we will obviously be diversifying our team,” Nicholson added.

The future is looking incredibly bright for MoveGenius, and also for BSV blockchain as the plumbing for keeping our sensitive data completely secure and accessible only to those who have the right. 

The combination of a business idea that solves problems with a secure data system in place is a winner for entrepreneurs and Nicholson has nothing but encouraging words for those who are contemplating taking the plunge.

“I think founders should just go for it. Your products are never going to be perfect. I bootstrapped the company for six months, took a big risk quitting my job, but I don’t regret it,” she advised.

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