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MoveGenius aims to speed up home buying and selling, using a BSV platform

The founder of MoveGenius is a former lawyer, Hannah Nicholson, who bought her first property back in 2017. She was frustrated with the lack of upfront information available to house buyers and sellers during the legal process. Fast forward to 2022 and Hannah is developing a game-changing platform to improve the experience for millions of people involved in the home buying experience.

MoveGenius aims to enhance the transparency of the conveyancing process by providing simpler and more reliable information to movers. This aligns with forthcoming U.K. legislation detailed in the government’s recent Levelling Up white paper, ensuring more upfront information is available to prospective buyers. Research shows 80% of buyers are seeking this.

MoveGenius plans a fast-track onboarding process with better information at the point of sale, including upfront legal packs. This will look to provide a “single source of truth” by leveraging the benefits of BSV blockchain technology, reducing the administrative workload on property professionals in the process, as well as instances of inaccuracy and fraud.

To help accelerate MoveGenius, Hannah recently completed the Satoshi Block Dojo incubator programme, a 12-week course to help startups refine their product offering and build their first MVPs (minimum viable products) on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Satoshi Block Dojo’s chairman Craig Massey says he was “excited to have Hannah join the programme with MoveGenius. It’s an excellent application of blockchain technology and we think investors will be keen to get a piece of the action.”

Block Dojo’s Global CEO James Marchant adds: “With Hannah’s legal background and experience, we know MoveGenius is in good hands. It’s a great product with huge potential and we look forward to seeing the first end-to-end transactions on the platform.”

MoveGenius has just begun its first pilot, partnering with ID verification providers, surveyors, law firms and estate agents.

MoveGenius is one of the BSV startups in Cohort 2 of Satoshi Block Dojo, the incubator which has just completed its second programme in London.

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