Misinformation overdrive

Wow, the spin machines are in full flow now Ladies & Gentlemen. BraveNewCoin suggests that there is now a direct attack on Bitcoin Unlimited miners. In essence, Bitcoin’s version ethnic cleansing. If true that is a horrible development but, surely, one that will open the eyes of those blind to where Bitcoin Core’s funding is coming from and the lengths that some will go to force their will on to others.

We prefer to present the facts and the maths that show the way rather than resort to violence!

The key factor in this debate remains this: Bitcoin Unlimited offers, enhanced growth in transactional volume, lower transactional fees, significant net increase in fees to the miners, rapid growth in the value of BTC, higher ROI for miners on per block BTC mined.

Miners are naturally worried about the quality and stability of the BU code. But, some are not seeing the picture above. Their profitability is significantly (actually massively) higher with an uncapped block size, in the meantime extensive work will be done alongside the BU development community to improve the software concerns.

But the truth is slowly emerging as CryptoCoinNews recently got to the nub of the issue by outing Samson Mow and Greg Maxwell as ‘toxic trolls’. To give you all a flavour of how aggressive these guys are, this is quite astonishing: “Mow trolled anti-Blockstream people so much that he eventually got himself a job at the company.”

That’s some recruitment policy! Luckily, folk like this can’t hide their true colors for long and so it seems the Bitcoin community is starting to realize that Core only have an agenda to derail…must be horrible for them to see Bitcoin marching ever upward.

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