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Mintelium brings blockchain to HR tech

Mintelium provides mobile, verified credentials for anyone applying for a job. Recruiters, HR departments and employers are given temporary access to the verified personal information, with the user always maintaining control and ownership of their sensitive data.

As co-founder Sashen Naicker explains, “The recruitment and HR industry in the U.K. is extremely lucrative, but slow to change. The on-boarding process is often messy and lacks security. HR tech is ripe for disruption and we believe blockchain is the answer.” Mintelium is built on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, integrating an SSI (self-sovereign identity) wallet.

CTO Sandeep Kunda is bullish about the potential of BSV for data security and identity management. “We are providing workers with a simple way to store their verified credentials so they will always know exactly where and how their information is being shared. Companies don’t need to store this kind of data on their internal servers after the recruitment process.” Kunda believes that using the BSV infrastructure will allow Mintelium to scale quickly and affordably.

In 2019, the U.K. recruitment industry was worth £39 billion, with over 40,000 recruitment companies placing a million workers a year into permanent positions (New Millennia 2020). Naicker is confident that Mintelium has spotted a massive opportunity. “We are being advised by recruitment experts like Lisa Wheatcroft of The Oriri Partnership and Rob Williams of The Fielding Group who are hugely experienced in the U.K. recruitment industry and are excited about the potential of our business. The response we’ve already had from the wider U.K. business community and potential customers makes us confident that we are on the right path.”

Mintelium has secured Letters of Intent with startups, Host Help and 32Co in London and Alnocular in Mumbai. They are exploring an official U.K. launch within the private security recruitment industry. Private security job applicants require seven verified checks during the on-boarding process which can be stored on chain. Mintelium are in advanced talks with three well-known companies in the London area. They are also working with London universities Hult and UCL and with Coventry University to onboard students as they graduate and enter into the workforce.

The full product will feature an SSI wallet that allows users to take their verified credentials with them even if they leave their current employer. After its initial plans to work with recruiters and employers, Mintelium will develop its product for gig workers, freelancers, and digital nomads. There will be 7.25 million gig workers in the UK by the end of 2022 (Britain Thinks 2022).

“The pandemic shifted the way we work and those changes are here to stay,” says Naicker. “People want to know that their data is not being abused or mishandled. They also want to be able to verify who they are in today’s new economy.”

Mintelium is currently raising for its pre-seed round with a target of £200,000.

Mintelium is one of the BSV startups in Cohort 2 of Satoshi Block Dojo, the incubator which has just completed its second programme in London.

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