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Microsoft’s new Copilot+ PCs fitted with advanced AI capabilities

Tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is introducing artificial intelligence (AI) PCs designed to expand the frontiers of the technology and increase the size of its market share amid stiff competition.

The new range of Windows PCs will be integrated with Copilot+, the company’s robust cloud AI offering. The Copilot+ PCs, the new computers come fitted with advanced AI capabilities surpassing typical cloud-based offerings while eliminating previous limitations.

With an AI system running locally on-device, the new range of PCs will be impervious to latency and privacy issues while saving users a fortune in fees. To achieve this, it appears Copilot+ PCs will rely on a small language model (SML) and neural processing units (NPUs), with the company notching impressive wins in that regard.

The standout feature from the announcement appears to be a Recall feature designed to allow users to access files without the hassle of tedious searches through multiple folders. Described as having a photographic memory, the feature will see users scroll through time to find their content through websites, applications, or documents.

Microsoft’s announcement confirms the introduction of a new Cocreate feature which the company says is an upgrade from the cloud-based Image Creator. Per the statement, users will be able to create art on Paint and Photos by combining natural language and “ink strokes” to edit and refine images.

The company noted that traditional cloud-based offerings may be plagued by delays, a hard cap on the number of images, and privacy issues.

“On Copilot+ PCs you can generate endless images for free, fast, with the ability to fine tune images to your liking and to save your favorites to collections,” read the statement.

Apart from the Recall and Cocreate feature, the new range of PCs is expected to support AI functionalities on several applications, including Adobe flagship offerings, DaVinci Resolve Studio, CapCut, Cephable, Liquid Text, and djay Pro.

The introduction of live captions for real-time language translation is poised to be a game-changer, while new studio effects and an eye contact teleprompter leave the competition in the dust.

Rolling out in the summer

Microsoft is eyeing June 18 for a global rollout of the AI-powered Surface PCs, inking deals with leading brands, including ASUS (NASDAQ: ASUUY), Dell (NASDAQ: DELL), HP (NASDAQ: HPQ), Samsung, Lenovo (NASDAQ: LNVGF), and Acer, for subsequent rollouts. Per the report, prices will begin at $999 and are up to $200 cheaper than other devices with similar specifications.

In early 2024, the company added an AI Copilot key in its first major keyboard update in 30 years, hinting at a warm embrace of emerging technologies.

“Nearly 30 years ago, we introduced the Windows key to the PC keyboard that enabled people all over the world to interact with Windows,” Microsoft said at the time. “We see this as another transformative moment in our journey with Windows where Copilot will be the entry point into the world of AI on the PC.”

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