Max Keiser: New world reserve currency will be crypto

Max Keiser: New world reserve currency will be crypto

Max Keiser, notable broadcaster, filmmaker and host of the Keiser Report, has made a stark, but most likely accurate, prediction. He believes that a new world reserve currency is coming and it won’t be the U.S. dollar, the euro or even the Japanese yen. Instead, it will be a currency that millennials love and banks fear—Bitcoin Core (BTC). 

In his first New Year’s special report, Keiser called December 2018 the “worst December” since the Great Depression of the 1920s. He adds that BTC has a “rock-solid” monetary policy that rivals that of any central bank. Because the blockchain can produce a new block every 10 minutes or so and has a cap of 21 million coins, BTC has a predictable monetary policy that is based completely on mathematics, not on the whims of politicians. He asserts, “That emission schedule of coins coming on every ten minutes makes bitcoin the central bank of the world with the most rock-solid monetary policy there is.”

Keiser also addressed the platform most used by banks in handling money transfers. Belgium-based SWIFT, argues Keiser, is virtually run by interests in the U.S., which gives them the power to determine who or what can use the system. By way of example, Keiser points to the recent sanctions introduced by the U.S. against Iran, even though those sanctions were not supported internationally. 

That overwhelming control is leading a number of countries to seek out financial transaction alternatives. Germany is said to already be working on its own platform and, in the crypto space, Ripple’s RippleNet group of options has quickly been gaining favor across the globe. This will more than likely continue to grow as crypto adoption spreads and more institutions recognize the value of the blockchain. 

The timing of Keiser’s comments is appropriate. The crypto world is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block, which has been kept alive by Bitcoin SV. While many cryptocurrency projects have morphed away from the original design of digital currency, or have become overly centralized, only Bitcoin SV has had the ability to maintain the original vision of what cryptocurrencies are meant to be. It is the only blockchain that recognizes that digital currencies are valuable only as far as they are seen as a form of currency that competes against fiat, not as something to sit in an account waiting for an astronomical price increase that will never come. 

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