The Bitcoin Bridge Ep 31

Making Bitcoin SV the best it can be: The Bitcoin Bridge talks to Patrick Thompson

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Patrick Thompson, aka the CryptoAmerican, is a man with his finger on the Bitcoin pulse. A journalist for CoinGeek, he fronts a new show about investment in the industry. He also launched Bitcoin SV’s first decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) earlier this year; the Gorilla DAO, which recently released its own range of NFTs. This week, The Bitcoin Bridge catches up with Patrick to find out more about the projects he’s been working on.

The conversation begins with Patrick talking about what attracted him to digital currency in the first place. He says he had his eye on the space way back in 2015, but it wasn’t until he was introduced to BSV in 2017 that he really got involved.

Patrick explains that as a college student, he had a small portfolio of digital coins, including BTC. He was happy enough with BTC until he wanted to send some coins. He was shocked by the high transaction fees and took to Twitter to see what else was out there.

This led to his first exposure to the BSV space, where he found he was “accepted into the community with open arms.” Unlike many BSVers, he was not drawn to the network for ideological reasons, he was just looking to transfer his coins cheaply, something that was not possible on BTC.

He believes that this means he has a unique perspective on the ecosystem, compared to those who have spent years bogged down in civil war. He is confident that the BSV network has the most sustainable business model, it just needs to have an “iPhone moment” where everybody realises that it’s the chain with the best infrastructure and user experience and switches over. 

Until then he’s focused on making the ecosystem as strong as possible. Currently, the BSV enterprise blockchain is already the world’s largest public blockchain by all major utility metrics such as data storage and daily transaction volume, as well as scaling ability and average block size.

Patrick also tells The Bitcoin Bridge about the Gorilla DAO, an organisation that anyone can join and contribute to. He hopes the DAO will help bring large scale projects to fruition and “remove the layers of a traditional business structure,” embodying the leaderless, innovative ideals Bitcoin was founded on.

While Patrick is technically the community manager of the DAO, he explains that he just wanted to get the ball rolling and ultimately, he wants the role to become redundant.

The DAO recently launched a range of limited edition NFTs in collaboration with industry bigwig Zatoshi. The “precious metals project,” as it’s known, includes 160 branded physical coins which come with a unique NFT.

Patrick explains that the project was borne out of a fascination with NFTs and the craze surrounding them, which he describes as a “phenomenon.” He discusses the intrinsic value of the technology, why he believes they have become so popular and his predictions for the future.

He also talks about his new show More than Money, a bi-monthly talk show which focuses on investment and trading within the space.

Patrick’s enthusiasm and ambition for BSV is evident, be sure to watch the whole interview to find out how he is translating that passion into action.

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