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Gorilla DAO coins are selling out—have you bought yours?

The Gorilla DAO has continued to push the boundaries, reimagining what’s possible on the Bitcoin network. In its latest project, the DAO has partnered with Zatoshi, known in the BSV blockchain ecosystem for his giveaways, for the Gorilla DAO precious metal projects. The gold, silver and brass coins are selling out and as Patrick Thompson tells us, this is a monumental moment for the DAO in more ways than one.

The DAO launched the coins about a month ago. There were only 10 gold coins, 50 silver coins and 100 brass coins.


Immediately they went on sale, the ‘apes’ were at hand to buy them, as were precious metal collectors and other Bitcoin enthusiasts. Upon purchase of any of the coins, the buyer receives an NFT, unique to the coin that serves as a digital certificate of authenticity.

“Only a handful of NFT launches on Bitcoin happened to have physical delivery of an item in addition to the digital delivery (NFT) of the item, and the Gorilla DAO is proud to be one of the first organizations to be among the group that has done this,” Patrick Thompson, the community manager for the DAO tells CoinGeek.

Gorilla DAO has been profitable from launch through the sale of memberships and voting rights. However, this project is monumental for the DAO, Patrick tells us.

“This is the first instance in which the members of the Gorilla DAO hashed out the details, created a proposal, and voted on a proposal that decided the DAO’s future in regard to a profit-generating project,” he said.


The DAO will be using the STAS token protocol and an unreleased NFT platform built on it for the Gorilla DAO NFTs, he said. At purchase, the NFTs will be unique to the coins. However, it’s possible for the owners to trade the NFTs in a secondary market, should they choose to. Patrick remarked, “I would not be surprised if someone put their Gorilla DAO precious metal NFT up for sale shortly after it hits their wallet.”

The coin design will never be minted again once the current batch sells out. This design, which is rare, limited and exclusive was created by Diego Rodrigues, one of the best digital artists on Bitcoin.

The Gorilla DAO has continued to evolve rapidly in its short life. Recently, one of the members created an automatic Ape token distribution system.

Patrick said, “The system brings the Gorilla DAO one step closer to being truly autonomous. It has already been battle-tested and now, it has entered its preliminary implementation stages (the proposal creation stage).”

The DAO members have continued to ‘ape in’ and buying the Ape tokens, with the DAO treasury now boasting of over 900 BSV. Aside from the existing members increasing their voting rights, the DAO has seen more new members. Discussions are also increasing around the goods, services and infrastructure that the DAO will build in the future.

For now, the focus is on fine-tuning the on-chain voting system, which launched in April. While it works great, Patrick said the Gorilla DAO team is looking into the fee structure and shoring up the platform to eliminate any avenues for exploitation.

He concluded, “Beyond that, there has been a lot of really good conversation about ways the DAO can capitalize on micro-payments and interest in Wyoming’s DAO bill that will go into effect on July 1st. There is a lot that we are looking at, but we are taking it in stride and attacking one item at a time as it comes through the pipeline.”

You can buy your Gorilla DAO coins here.

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