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Luke Rohenaz on CoinGeek Backstage: TonicPow lowers barrier to entry to marketing via blockchain

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CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero Fontana caught up with Luke Rohenaz of TonicPow behind the scenes at the CoinGeek Zurich conference for this episode of CoinGeek Backstage, and the two talked about TonicPow and how it lowers the barrier to entry to affiliate marketing and influencer marketing via the blockchain.

Rohenaz said typically, a promoter would have to reach a certain level of social awareness in order for brands to reach out to them with offers. With TonicPow, brands create a bounty anyone can take advantage of, in exchange for promoting their services. This means for smaller influencers, or for those without the profile to attract offers, TonicPow gives them the opportunity to find something their audience will resonate with and start earning on their own terms.

A major advantage for users of TonicPow is that it is possible to start promoting without a BSV wallet. But Rohenaz noted that while it is accessible to all, TonicPow has a role to play in bringing more people into the BSV fold. He said TonicPow is essentially an advertising platform working with loads of different types of companies, from apps and games through to healthcare products. This helps TonicPow reach beyond the tech bubble, taking BSV to non-traditional audiences.

YouTube video

He said BSV was a good fit for the gaming industry for example, due to Bitcoin itself. With the importance of regulatory compliance for advertising, Bitcoin provides the advantage of recording everything onto a ledger. This means it becomes easier to demonstrate compliance with regulators, and with campaign terms. Promoters can only share campaigns they are eligible to promote, and advertisers can use the platform with the confidence of knowing all relevant terms are being complied with.

Rohenaz also spoke about how TonicPow provides an alternative to de-platforming on the likes of YouTube, putting the power back in the hands of advertisers to choose the promoters they work with.

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