Look out for the RelayX web wallet

In the next few days, RelayX will release its web wallet. 

According to their official announcement, the RelayX web wallet is a “native non-custodial web wallet that enables users to have a simple sign up, sign in, and authentication process that works seamlessly with the existing RelayX mobile wallet and the apps that have already integrated with us.”

In addition, both the RelayX web wallet and the RelayX mobile wallet will be adding support for tokens launched via RUN; starting with USDC, which went live on BSV on September 23rd thanks to a partnership between RelayX and RUN. RelayX says that its wallet will automatically support any RUN token created on v0.6 or later.

“Our web wallet will release in a few days and we want to make users aware of how it will work,” said RelayX.

“For new users, simply choose a handle and set your password. You are not required to log in with an email address or download the mobile app, making it the fastest way to start accessing the blockchain. Just as Metamask became the anchor to which the Ethereum ecosystem was built on, we believe the addition of a token compatible web wallet and browser will become a critical infrastructure for the onboarding of users and apps to Bitcoin.

For existing users of the RelayX mobile app, you can login to the web wallet with your same 1handle, by restoring with your seed phrase. Alternatively, you can elect to update to the next version of the RelayX mobile app, and setting within the app an encrypted password for your wallet. You can then login to the web wallet with your handle and your password.”

The MetaMask of Bitcoin?

It looks as though there is a race to be the MetaMask of BSV. For those who don’t know, MetaMask is a web-based digital currency wallet that can hold, send, and receive all ERC-20 tokens. 

There is a wave of tokenization coming to BSV, and it looks like wallet providers are trying to position themselves to be able to hold the tokens that are on their way.

RelayX has partnered with RUN, whose protocol is capable of issuing tokens, the Bayesian Group just acquired MoneyButton and owns the token issuance platform Fabriik, Tokenized appears to be launching in the near future, and Elas Digital is working on their own Bitcoin-based token solution.

It is only a matter of time until individuals and businesses begin to create tokens, and it will be interesting to see what consumers will use as their wallet of choice when it comes to holding tokens. 

Regardless, be on the lookout for the RelayX web wallet launch in the next few days.

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