London BSV Meetup inspires developers to be even more ambitious

London BSV Meetup inspires developers to be even more ambitious

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The London BSV Meetup 2019 has inspired developers to push the boundaries even further with their BSV projects, after drawing together some of the leading developers in blockchain.

The June event saw a series of keynote presentations, including from scientists, senior researchers and software development personnel from the blockchain research firm nChain, on several key features and projects ongoing in the BSV ecosystem.

One of the presentations focused on Paymail, also known as the BSV alias protocol. Developed alongside Ryan X. Charles from MoneyButton, he described how the protocol allows neat peer-to-peer transactions by email.

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In his presentation, nChain’s Andy set out the three key functions of Paymail, describing how it “unifies the application ecosystem behind a standard series of protocol extensions, defines how these extensions are presented, and enables federated systems to cooperate.”

Crucially, with Paymail, the domain owner is the ultimate trust authority on the protocol. The protocol has a number of envisaged use cases, including both consumer and commercial payments.

The presentation was followed up by a live coding session, in which nChain senior researcher Wei Zhang spoke about Elliptic Curve Digital Service Algorithm (ECDSA) and R-Puzzle.

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Offering a unique insight into how these work in practical applications, Wei Zhang runs through a number of worked examples in the presentation, demonstrating the flexibility of developing for BSV.

nChain software development manager Carl Jackett presented a round-up of the most promising entries from the BSV hackathon, including the three finalists, UptimeSV, TonicPow and Polyglot.

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UptimeSV is a distributed performance and uptime monitoring application. The app also allows anyone to earn BSV by participating in the uptime testing network. TonicPow is an advertising platform that allows advertisers and publishers to negotiate and earn directly in BSV.

Polyglot makes it easier to interact with Metanet protocols through python, aimed at smoothing the learning curve for new BSV developers.

Jackett went on to share some other interesting submissions, including Bitmav, an app for creating a digital legacy that can be recovered after a person has died, and Gate2Chain, a smart meter that allows real-time billing and supply control for utilities, both powered by BSV.

The event was set up to inspire developers to become more ambitious with their BSV projects, to take advantage of its capacity for low cost microtransactions and unique ability to handle scale. There will be a second virtual BSV hackathon, taking place on August 17. Applications are now open, and interested applicants can register here.

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