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London Blockchain Conference 2023: How to ‘eat your own dogfood’ with

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In November 2022, Dr. Craig Wright wrote on Twitter:” By next year, I expect each of you to EAT YOUR OWN DOGFOOD. No more Adobe signatures, or Docusign.” Meaning people within the BSV ecosystem should start to use their own products.

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UNISOT, a Web3 supply chain traceability and sustainability platform, took up this challenge by building, an application that it claims is a “fast, easy, and secure” way to scan, sign, and store documents on the BSV Blockchain.

In an afternoon talk by the company’s CEO Stephan Nilsson and Torje Vingen Sunde, CTO of Abendum, the London Blockchain Conference audience heard about and how UNISOT has turned eating dogfood into a virtue.

“SignOnChain is an easy-to-use digital signing product, based on the UNISOT system,” explained Nilsson. This digital signing function is already implemented in the UNISOT platform to sign product certificates, Bill-of-Ladings, and other documents.

“You can take documents, drag and drop, scan with your phone,” said Sunde. “You can even be creative with it, such as the classic ‘signing the napkin.’ You could sign a napkin, take a picture, upload it onto the platform; then it’s timestamped on the blockchain.”

Once the document is uploaded to SignOnChain, it is encrypted and secured and can be stored on-chain or off for as long as a user wants, whether it’s a week, three months, or a long-term commitment of five years or more.

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Nilsson also treated the crowd to a live demonstration of signing and uploading a virtual document to SignOnChain. He showed the fast, straightforward upload and how to add credit and pay for the service, which as of May 29, can also be done with the BSV blockchain.

“What I like the most about SignOnChain is that you can actually pay by the signature, paying with a card or BSV,” explained Sunde.

As well as document signing, sharing, timestamping, and storing an application, SignOnChain is a contract and document management system – one not restricted to just signed legal documents.

“You can add any document that needs verification, such as qualifications and certificates. Upload it, and it’s also secure,” said Nilsson.

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The Beta version of the application is available for users to try now, so anyone in the BSV ecosystem or beyond can quickly and securely… eat their own dogfood.

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