Lin Zheming: BSV has enabled developers to finally build on Bitcoin

YouTube video

Bitcoin SV has changed the game for developers, giving them the opportunity to build real-world applications on the Bitcoin blockchain with ease. This has been a key reason for its rapid rise to the top, Lin Zheming believes. In an interview with our own Stephanie Tower, the founder and CEO of Mempool shared his thoughts on why he believes China has backed BSV with such enthusiasm.

BSV has enabled ambitious developers to actualize their dreams, Zheming stated. Its stable network gives them confidence to build on the Bitcoin blockchain. Additionally, BSV is able to scale massively to meet its users’ needs, something that the other blockchain projects have failed to do. This scalability makes it ideal for enterprise use.

Zheming is the head of Mempool, a leading BSV/BTC mining pool and, a non-custodial BSV wallet for WeChat users. He also serves as the Bitcoin Association ambassador for China. In his role, he is striving to attract more developers from China to build on BSV.

“We need to attract more developers, and we need to demonstrate the ability of unlimited scaling to those potential developers who are smart enough to get in early,” he explained.

One of the methods that he believes will work is through constant education. The Bitcoin Association must endeavor to offer training to these developers, opening their eyes to the opportunities that lie in building on BSV.

The BSV community in China was very welcoming of Jimmy Nguyen and Dr. Craig Wright. “They learn new things every time when they come to talk to Dr. Wright,” he remarked.

While this was the first BSV China Conference, Zheming hopes that it was just a start and there will be many more in the future. The BSV community in China is growing rapidly and such events will accelerate this growth, he believes. China has the second-largest economy in the world, as well as being one of the most tech-savvy nations. Moreover, China has some of the most elite developers, all of whom can join the BSV movement through continued efforts in the future.

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