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Latif Ladid on integrating IPv6 with Bitcoin: It’s the birth of something very special

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IPv6 has long been touted as a new technology that would drastically change how users interact online, but it’s even more powerful when used alongside Bitcoin SV, the world’s only scalable distributed ledger.

But as with any other technology out in the market, proving its viability remains a priority to ensure mass adoption, and this is what IPv6 Forum President Latif Ladid, along with experts from the BSV community, academia, and government agencies, is trying to do in Mallorca, Spain.

Speaking with CoinGeek Backstage on the sidelines of the Gate2Chain Blockchain, Tourism and the Future of the Internet Conference, Ladid said the first step is empowering the community by arming them with the proper knowledge about this nascent technology and showcasing how to get IPv6 to work together with BSV blockchain and Bitcoin.

“I think it’s the birth of something very special, especially for Europe,” he stated.

Ladid emphasized that to make this work, it is critically important to appoint the right people and institutions to advocate the goal. While the tech space is teeming with talents, he made particular mention of Gate2Chain COO Joe Holles de Peyer and how he is the perfect fit for this initiative.

“He’s an absolute top networker, fluent in English and Spanish. His Spanish is even better than his English,” Ladid said, adding that this captures the fascination of the Spanish community in Mallorca and helps them get on board with using IPv6.

Mallorca is a small paradise heavily reliant on tourism, and as such, was among the most devastated regions when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world in early 2020. Ladid said utilizing IPv6 and integrating it with the BSV blockchain and Bitcoin could help create a diverse economy.

With support from the Spanish government and key stakeholders, his team plans to launch an Emergency Services project that aims to aid those at sea in need of rescue. This initiative seeks to make use of 5G integrated with IPv6 and blockchain, Ladid said.

He added that as part of this scheme, Spanish authorities and experts are putting the Internet of Things (IoT) devices across the region to help pinpoint the dangers in the covered areas.

“So, I think we have a fundamental pitch to get new technologies into this place to empower the various stakeholders to go into the right direction by attracting probably the best talents in new internet technologies, as well as in blockchain,” Ladid pointed out.

Such efforts would help support Mallorca’s bid to become a hotbed for these technologies, Ladid added.

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