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Kurt Wuckert Jr discusses Dr. Craig Wright and Bitcoin conspiracies on Crypto Current podcast

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Kurt Wuckert Jr. recently appeared on the Crypto Current podcast, discussing various Bitcoin conspiracies. The host, who goes by the name ‘Crypto Rick,’ asked about Dr. Craig Wright’s intelligence connections, the circumstances surrounding David Kleiman’s death, whether Holdlonaut is a deep-state plant, and much more.

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Dr. Craig Wright’s family—military and intelligence connections

Rick begins by asking about Dr. Wright’s family. His father served in Vietnam, his uncle was a Wing Commander in the Royal Australian Air Force, and his grandfather fought in World War II. Was Dr. Wright raised and groomed into the military-industrial complex?

Wuckert replies that he doesn’t think so. Dr. Wright’s father was abusive, and his uncle, Don Lynam, seems to have had a positive influence on him, as did his grandfather. A young Dr. Wright was into code cracking, cryptography, and other associated disciplines. He also learned to code with his cousin, who built applications for the Australian military.

Wuckert believes Dr. Wright has some connection to the intelligence community and may have had experience in the field, but he can’t confirm it and doesn’t believe he was raised into it, as the host implies.

Did Dr. Wright and David Kleiman receive funding from the military or any three-letter agencies for W&K Info Defense Research?

“We wouldn’t know if they did,” Wuckert answers, noting that the CIA doesn’t publish details related to its budget. However, when it comes to the Department of Homeland Security, there are several publicly verifiable rejections. That said, emails between the pair indicate that they were busy, so there must have been something going on.

Was David Kleiman’s death a hit job?

“Dave deserves to have it looked into,” Wuckert replies, hinting there may be something there. He notes that the responding officers found it all strange and wrote it up as such.

While nobody can confirm anything suspicious and likely never will because of the time that has passed, Wuckert says Kleiman was a “rock solid guy” by all accounts, and he deserves to have his death properly investigated.

Is Dr. Wright strategically biding his time, creating patents, etc, before revealing he is Satoshi?

In the Hodlonaut trial, Dr. Wright maintained that keys don’t prove identity, but when pressed, said, “It will give the game away, and it will be over.” Is this some sort of strategy?

Wuckert says he agrees with Dr. Wright’s assessment on keys not proving identity. Ultimately, the technology matters more, and Dr. Wright is an introverted inventor who loves working. He doesn’t want the attention and would prefer to be unknown today. There are also legal aspects to proving his identity, such as tax issues. Overall, he does believe there’s a strategy at play.

Who was involved besides Dr. Wright, David Kleiman, and Hal Finney? Was the project a play to introduce CBDCs?

Wuckert says that CBDCs came later. Mastercard (NASDAQ: MA), Bain Capital, and others are involved in the sabotage of the original Bitcoin, and they have bought CoinDesk and many other ecosystem companies to push their agenda. It’s only natural for a big corporation to react to a game-changing technology, and Mastercard was biding time to create its own patents. It now has more patents than anyone else regarding CBDCs and wants the world to use them.

Was Magnus Granath, aka Hodlonaut, a plant to help Mastercard achieve its aims? Maybe, but it’s more likely he just got famous and became addicted to the attention and dopamine. He’s a useful idiot.

If anyone deserves more recognition for his involvement, it’s Hal Finney. He helped a lot with cryptography. People like Adam Back just got lucky in being mentioned.

nChain is a mysterious company. Who ultimately owns it?

Wuckert agrees that it’s mysterious. The early firms that were set up around the time Wright left Australia subsequently morphed into nChain. Wuckert says Calvin Ayre acquired a minority piece of the firm and is now the majority shareholder.

What’s the deal with the 1Feex address related to Mt. Gox?

The 1Feex address is a Bitcoin address at the heart of much speculation and controversy. Dr. Wright says he bought the address from a Russian exchange, but former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpelès says otherwise.

The problem with questions of ownership back then is that basically everyone was a criminal, and they used Mt. Gox as a massive money laundering service, Wuckert says. Karpelès is one such criminal, and his word can’t be trusted.

Is BlackRock accumulating BSV blockchain?

Wuckert says he doesn’t know, but he doesn’t see why they wouldn’t. In some paperwork related to their Bitcoin spot ETF filing, they acknowledged that Dr. Craig Wright is a threat to BTC. It wouldn’t cost them much to hedge their risk by buying up one BSV for every BTC they purchase.

Will BTC ultimately go to zero? “At some point, it has to,” Wuckert says. Bitcoin is a Red Queen game, and everything will go to the best competitor. The broken economics of BTC doom it to failure.

To hear Wuckert’s thoughts on 1sat Ordinals, NFTs, ICOs and altcoins, and digital currency firms like Ripple, listen to the podcast by clicking here!

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