Kronoverse CoinGeek Live 2020 sponsor spotlight

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One of the big names taking part in the upcoming CoinGeek Live Conference is Kronoverse, the independent game development company behind the skill-based fighting game CryptoFights.

CoinGeek caught up with their CEO, Adam Kling, who told us all about Kronoverse, which presentations he looks forward to at the upcoming CG Live conference, and what the audience can expect to hear in the “Esports & Advantages of a Massively Scalable Blockchain” panel that Kling will be participating in.

For those who don’t know, what is Kronoverse and what is CryptoFights?

Kronoverse is the company creating the platform (“Kronoverse Platform”) that games will be able to integrate with to offer native cash tournaments, game integrity, and a cashier for their players. CryptoFights is a PVP strategy fighting game that we are building on top of the platform to demonstrate the capabilities to both players and other game developers.

What inspired you to create Kronoverse?

Bitcoin SV inspired us mostly because of what we could accomplish with it. We put together the god of time (“Chronus”) and metaverse to create Kronoverse because of how game input could be put into transactions onto a ledger to radically change how we think about game servers.

How do you envision Kronoverse being used?

The Kronoverse platform will be used to enable game developers to monetize their game in new ways to participate in the growing esports industry. One of the major ways they can use our platform is to offer native cash tournaments within their game while ensuring game integrity.

Who is Kronoverse the perfect fit for and why?

Small to midsize game studios. They are neglected within the major distribution platforms. They have it the hardest.

What is your favorite thing about CoinGeek conferences?

I like to see how much bigger they are getting every year. It’s great to see adoption happening and how the blockchain wars are shaping up.

 What do you look forward to in the upcoming CoinGeek conference?

To see more projects and the current thinking from the thought leaders. I am personally very busy with our company and sometimes can’t find the time to keep up with everything but with the conference I get to learn so much in a couple of days.

What are your must-see presentations at the three-day conference?

I generally like to see all the projects that are happening on BSV and how they are progressing. To see new innovative ideas using blockchain.

Why did Kronoverse decide to sponsor CoinGeek Live?

We sponsored CoinGeek Live to show support for the conference, gain access to all the new attendees, as well as potential investors.

And, lastly, what can the audience expect to hear from you in the “Esports & Advantages of a Massively Scalable Blockchain” panel?

They can expect to hear about game integrity, why blockchain, and how I think esports can be transformed with Bitcoin SV.

Make sure you tune into CG Live on October 2nd to watch Adam Kling participate in the Esports & Advantages of a Massively Scalable Blockchain panel. If you have not already registered for CG Live or are looking for the full agenda, you can find more information here.

In addition, look out for the CryptoFights soft launch of the open beta. The soft launch is currently underway and much more will be coming soon; head over to to learn more.

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