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Justin Pauly talks AlphaDAPP, an application that builds other blockchain apps

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When Justin Pauly took to the stage at the London Blockchain Conference, he made a bold claim—that he had launched the “can opener of blockchain technology” with AlphaDAPP. Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage, he broke down how the new platform makes building a blockchain app easier than ever.

On AlphaDAPP’s website, users can set up a demo and “we can give you a working blockchain application from your data in thirty minutes or less,” Pauly told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero.

“Our goal with AlphaDAPP is to have foundational technology that quickly allows you to try things on the blockchain and get your feet wet.”

The new platform aims to solve one of the challenges cited by most people who shun blockchain—requiring intensive training and massive resources to deploy. According to one study, 49% of respondents say the skills gap is their biggest hurdle to using blockchain, only dwarfed by a lack of widespread adoption.

Pauly, the President of VX Technologies, wants to solve this challenge: “This is Web3, we don’t need all that [intensive training]. AlphaDAPP is an application that essentially builds other applications.”

Despite massive leaps in recent years, blockchain is still considered a technology for the future. Most blockchains are still unable to deliver on their promises, and developers and enterprises are still stuck on building blockchain applications.

“It should happen now. AlphaDAPP is the now, not tomorrow.”

At VX, Pauly focuses on data sovereignty. In the digital age, “anything that I’ve done or happened to me that I want a record of, should be mine alone to own and share at will.”

While his company has focused on verifying educational certifications and health records on the BSV blockchain, he says there’s no limit.

As the world rapidly adopts AI, blockchain has seemingly taken a back seat as most investors flock to the new shiny object. However, as Pauly pointed out, the two are symbiotic, and AI can’t thrive without blockchain.

“If you’re modeling AI to help us achieve sustainability goals, you must have good data in there. It must be real data with an audit trail. For AI to move forward, verified data has to move forward, and that’s where [blockchain] comes in.”

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