John Lee discusses how blockchain revolutionizes esports industry

YouTube video

Esports and blockchain technology are a natural fit. Esports enthusiasts have a high knowledge and love for digital technologies and virtual tokens, which, in turn, has helped the esports industry to integrate blockchain seamlessly into its operations. In an interview with CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero Fontana, esports veteran John Lee explained how blockchain is shaping the future of esports and why BSV is the one blockchain that will rule them all.

Lee got involved in the e-sports industry years ago with Taiwan-based GigaMedia, a Nasdaq-listed online gaming company. The company was among the first in Asia in the esports industry, giving Lee the opportunity to see the industry grow into the phenomenon it is now.

Esports and blockchain fit naturally, Lee pointed out. Many esports enthusiasts usually have high-performance PCs as well as the latest graphics cards for a smooth gaming experience. In the early days of cryptos, this equipment was what they used to mine cryptos, introducing them to the technology in its early stages.

Blockchain use in esports takes many forms, one of which is in crowdfunding for esports startups. Lee likened the current blockchain industry to the early days of the Internet. Back then, it was just startups and smaller companies which integrated it. However, in later years, the large conglomerates came in and the Internet blew up.

I think what’s going to happen is, more and more of the traditional companies that have been on the sidelines kind of watching the blockchain, watching the space, are saying, how can I get into in now?

On the current high number of blockchain platforms, Lee believes that time will prune them out and that Bitcoin SV will prove to be the undisputed leader in the space. Lee drew parallels to when Linux first came out. Back then, a lot of companies claimed to be the best Linux platforms, but over time, this number has been drastically trimmed down.

“What I understand about BSV is that they are one of the strongest platforms out there right now, and it’s going to be a last man standing scenario, BSV is definitely going to be one of them.”

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