Jerry Chan discusses why Bitcoin SV is so popular at CoinGeek Seoul

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Jerry Chan is the manager for the Bitcoin Association’s operations in South Korea and Japan, but, even more than that, he is also a lifelong supporter of cryptocurrency. Like many others who realized early on the potential of blockchain and crypto, he also understands the artificial limitations put in place by certain projects such as BTC and Ether. It’s because of this that he supports Bitcoin SV (BSV) and offered his take on where things are headed during the recent CoinGeek Conference Seoul.

South Korea and Japan have traditionally been more accepting of digital currencies, and in particular, the positive attributes offered by blockchain technology. The two countries have been working diligently to introduce regulations to guide the Bitcoin ecosystem into the future and this is helping developers in the region introduce more solutions with more confidence than could be found in other areas.

One of the more interesting sectors being explored for blockchain integration, per Chan’s insight, is the eSports industry. It is already a multibillion-dollar sector that continues to grow and incorporating blockchain into the space allows for greater monetization and development. Because BSV is regulatory-friendly and is developing at a greater pace than many other projects, it allows for the creation of solutions that don’t suffer the same tech issues that are found with BTC and others.

This distinction is important because it shows that BSV is able to serve enterprise needs without concerns of seeing a protocol that is constantly being changed. It also helps to ensure that “bad actors” are kept away as BSV works to create accountability for crypto ownership. The blockchain is quickly becoming the go-to platform for both application and enterprise development.

Compared to BTC and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), only BSV is the only one that offers a regulation-friendly ecosystem and a stable protocol designed for enterprise usage. It is also the only one to allow massive on-chain scaling and is one of just two, along with BCH, that allows micropayments. These traits are driving innovation and easy-to-use solutions that are helping the blockchain quickly gain favor and which will, within the next five years, make it the primary foundation of many business operations.

YouTube video

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