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James Belding on CoinGeek Backstage: The Bitcoin ecosystem has really matured

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For the longest time, blockchain has been a buzzword many companies have thrown into the mix to stay relevant and attract investment. However, in recent years, more enterprises, startups, and even governments are coming onboard. In an interview with CoinGeek Backstage, Tokenized Chief Executive Officer James Belding talked about this explosive growth and where the industry is heading.

Belding was at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention, where he talked about tokenizing assets and securities on the blockchain. The event was the best one yet, he told CoinGeek Backstage host Jon Southurst on the sidelines of the event. With COVID-19 cutting off physical interactions for several months and Zoom webinars becoming the norm, the Dubai event was a welcome change for many.

“One of the interesting things about the event is that not only are the companies and ecosystem more mature, but the customers as well. The people who are looking to use the technology at an application layer level are more mature. They’ve really thought through what they want to do and are ready to go,” Belding stated.

Belding has been in the Bitcoin space for a while, and for most of that time, many of his conversations about Bitcoin have been educational, where he tried to bring people aboard the blockchain bandwagon. Now, it has changed, he pointed out.

“We’re starting to move towards a lot more customers jumping onboard,” he told CoinGeek Backstage.

For Tokenized, the prime target has been the financial market. The private capital market has been especially lucrative, Belding revealed. Unlike traditional securities, which are all digital on stock exchanges, private securities are still paper-based, and the trading is hectic, inefficient, slow, unstandardized, and expensive.

Tokenized has been digitizing the sector by issuing tokenized securities on the BSV blockchain, and according to Belding, “there are a lot of opportunities in this market.”

He added that coupons, loyalty points, and carbon credits have also been a big market for Tokenized.

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