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Jackson Laskey: Combining NFTs and micropayments will transform gaming (CoinGeek Backstage)

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The era of NFTs being used as purely speculative tokens, or “expensive JPEGS,” is behind us. As speculation takes a backseat, utility is becoming critical for NFTs, and gaming has been a prime target. According to Jackson Laskey, combining these NFTs with micropayments could transform the multi-billion dollar gaming industry.

Laskey, the co-founder and CEO of NFTY Jigs, was in Dubai for the BSV Global Blockchain Convention and joined HandCash CEO Alex Agut and others for a panel that delved into how micropayments can impact casual games.

CoinGeek Backstage host Becky Liggero, who moderated the panel, caught up with Laskey to talk NFTY Jigs, Duro Dogs, NFTs, and more—Laskey believes that NFTs and micropayments are a perfect match.

“NFTs can be a really important part of the product for which micropayments can serve, [with] micropayments being the glue and incentive. What I’m really excited about is the greater economy that forms around these two technologies,” Laskey said.

Integrating NFTs in gaming has become quite popular in the past couple of years (here’s a great four-part series on how to build an NFT game). NFTs allow a game to create a viable product and generate revenue while also “creating a door that creators can walk through to contribute and add to existing gaming ecosystem.”

NFTs are great digital products to use in-game, but according to Laskey, it goes beyond this. These tokens come with a permissionless innovation element in that the owner can use them elsewhere and for other purposes—for instance, another game can incorporate the NFTs that were previously used elsewhere.

“That makes it [NFT] an exciting and dynamic product that people really want to buy,” Laskey noted.

Laskey is also the mind behind Duro Dogs, one of the most popular BSV-powered NFT games. He revealed that Duro Dogs users now manage over 600,000 NFTs—with only a few thousand users. Once the game hits higher user numbers, “the amount of usage of the BSV blockchain is going to be really staggering.”

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