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Duro Dogs: The NFT platform teaching would-be dog owners what’s involved

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When Duro Dogs launched the concept, it was one of an online game where players can enjoy looking after a unique virtual friend but has, for many, become an introduction to responsible dog owning.

While dogs are known as our best friends with good reason, every dog owner will know that there is a lot of effort and responsibility that comes with it. Duro Dogs has – somewhat by accident – discovered this new angle to their game as CEO Jackson Laskey explains:

“When starting a new business you never quite know which direction it is going to take and I won’t pretend for a moment that I launched Duro Dogs with the intent of it being an educational platform! Now, those wanting to dip a virtual toe into dog ownership are being fully catered to with our newly introduced game Ruff Runner for those that have trained their NFT virtual dogs to peak fitness.”

Player Steph Turret from Manila added: “My daughters have wanted a dog for some time but I felt they were too young at the time so I got them playing with Duro Dogs as a way of getting them used to what was involved which was great and now they finally have their own dog and its working out great.”

All ‘dogs’ are unique blockchain-based NFTs and owners can also sell their NFTs to other users using a HandCash digital asset wallet. Duro Dogs was created by publisher NFTY Jigs alongside partner Run.

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