Jack Liu sees ‘level of sophistication’ from ideas for Bitcoin SV use

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Bitcoin development in China is happening at a rapid pace, with a growing number of startups focusing on developing apps for Bitcoin SV (BSV). Drawn to the protocol for its large block size and developer-friendly ecosystem, China is in the midst of a Bitcoin development boom.

The recent BSV China Conference saw developers and BSV enthusiasts from around China travel to Beijing to share ideas, network and learn more about the possibilities of developing on the Bitcoin network.

Speaking exclusively to CoinGeek at the conference, RelayX founder Jack Liu said his biggest takeaway from the event was that BSV development would only go from strength to strength. Citing the numbers of people that had travelled to attend the conference, along with the enthusiasm and passion for BSV on display, Liu said the event had turned out better than he had expected.

“There are great ideas from people that I think, you’ve seen a level of sophistication from the ideas, where people understand the possibilities of Bitcoin, they understand the limits of Bitcoin at its current stage, and they’re fitting around that to find businesses that are solving user needs and solves the business needs to make money, so it’s really exciting to see that range,” Liu said.

Even beyond the projects being discussed at the event, Liu said there was real value in what developers had learned from the experience, both from the event speakers and from sharing knowledge and ideas with other BSV developers.

Among those present at the event was Dr. Craig S. Wright, the man behind the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto—author of the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

Dr. Wright is an advocate for BSV on the basis that it restores the bitcoin protocol to its original state, as outlined in his whitepaper. Crucially, BSV offers unmatched scalability for microtransactions, making it the optimum blockchain for developing enterprise level apps.

He was joined by Bitcoin Association President Jimmy Nguyen, along with a host of other respected names from the world of BSV.

Liu rounded off his interview prediction mainstream apps would be available within the next couple of years on the current trajectory.

“It’s a generational thing among developers, but generations are taking months instead of years.”

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