Cerian Jones for CoinGeek Backstage at The Bitcoin Masterclasses

It’s exciting to integrate IPv6, multicast with Bitcoin, IP expert Cerian Jones tells CoinGeek Backstage

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Dr. Craig Wright’s The Bitcoin Masterclasses in Slovenia attracted audience members from across the country and beyond. Cerian Jones, a patent lawyer and intellectual property expert, traveled from Wales for the sessions. As she tells CoinGeek Backstage, there was so much to learn from Dr. Wright on how Bitcoin can become explosive when combined with IPv6 and other emerging technologies.

“[I traveled from Wales to Slovenia] to find out Craig’s ideas on IPv6 and how it can be used with blockchain and BSV for various applications. It’s been really fascinating to think about some of the advantages from this combination of IPv6 and the blockchain,” she told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

While she has been in Bitcoin since 2016, Jones acknowledged that she is still a student of Dr. Wright, whom she described as having “such in-depth but also broad knowledge.”

The Bitcoin white paper is succinct and appears simple to read, but “there’s so much depth behind that.” It contains multiple layers of information that have helped us create the formidable Bitcoin network today. Now, integrating with other emerging technologies, Jones noted that Bitcoin could achieve its full potential.

“Seeing [Bitcoin] being used with techniques such as IPv6 and coming to a point where these technologies can be used in harmony and combination with one another, it’s an exciting time,” she said.

In his The Bitcoin Masterclasses installment in Slovenia, Dr. Wright took a deep dive into multicast, IP2IP, and IPv6 and how they tie to his vision for Bitcoin. As sCrypt’s Mihael Sinkec told CoinGeek Backstage in a recent interview, the Masterclass series is a great learning experience for attendees, from novices to professionals.

You can watch the Bitcoin Masterclasses by Dr. Wright on the CoinGeek YouTube channel.

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