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sCrypt’s Mihael Sinkec: The Bitcoin Masterclasses are a great learning experience

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Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) has become a prominent topic in the Bitcoin ecosystem and the larger tech industry in recent years. In his The Bitcoin Masterclasses in Slovenia, Dr. Craig Wright delved into this and more, and as sCrypt engineer Mihael Sinkec tells CoinGeek Backstage, Satoshi always has something for everyone.

The Bitcoin Masterclasses were held in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, Sinkec’s hometown.

“IPv6 is an area I think I’m still lacking and wanted to know more…Craig knows all this stuff and the potential use cases for this technology,” Sinkec told CoinGeek Backstage host Becky Liggero.

sCrypt is a critical player in Bitcoin smart contracts, with Sinkec summing up the company’s goal as “to make it easier for developers to get onboard, so they don’t have to go through the hustle” of the technical deep-dive in writing smart contracts.

And while the term “smart contracts” gets thrown around a lot, Dr. Wright isn’t a big fan. Sinkec agrees with Satoshi, stressing he prefers “script predicate.” But with “smart contracts” being the popular term, the software engineer reckons it will be quite some time before the term is phased out.

As with his other sessions, Dr. Wright assigned the attendees into groups to discuss how IPv6 intertwines with Bitcoin. Sinkec was a leader in one such group, which was tasked with coming up with use cases for Bitcoin, IPv6, and related technology.

Dr. Wright has used these small groups to maximize audience participation, and according to Sinkec, they have been very effective.

“He’s really persistent in including the people…and there’s a certain effect that makes you go, ‘I have to think of something,’ and that makes you remember things and learn.”

Led by Xiaohui Liu, sCrypt has continued building tools that make it easier and more efficient to build on Bitcoin. The latest is the sCrypt smart contract verification plugin on WhatsOnChain that allows users to submit and verify sCrypt code for any deployed smart contract.

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