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Isaac Morehouse: Transforming online gaming industry to safer space with micropayments

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The Unbounded Capital Summit in New York City drew investors, key stakeholders, and enthusiasts from the Bitcoin industry, tackling recent blockchain developments and opening discussions on how entrepreneurs can change the way users interact on the world wide web.

Isaac Morehouse, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of PartnerHacker, attended as moderator at the Unbounded Capital Summit 2022, wherein he discussed the utility and benefits of using micropayments.

Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage‘s Becky Liggero, Morehouse said he and his team are focusing their efforts working on incorporating micropayments—the single biggest innovation of Bitcoin—in applications rather than developing “crypto” projects, and Bitcoin SV blockchain is the key to helping spur the adoption of small payments online.

“BSV, to my knowledge so far, is the only one that could do that effectively on that scale. That’s why I’m always playing around with it because it works, and it works amazingly,” Morehouse said.

He also emphasized how micropayments do not need additional requirements to work, making transactions instant and simpler.

When asked about the hurdles of adopting micropayments globally, Morehouse cited the public’s lack of knowledge on such transactions, claiming that nowadays, people are more focused on digital currencies that are not capable of micro transactions and do not have true use-cases, including BTC and Ethereum.

“Almost no one knows that it’s (micropayment) is possible yet. As weird as that sounds, it’s been possible since the original blockchain, Bitcoin, came out, and it’s possible today,” said the host of the YouTube series “Tiny payments are a big deal.”

He added that entrepreneurs have started tinkering with business models, but none have so far been successful in getting the idea across the market.

Meanwhile, Morehouse utilized the Summit to introduce his latest project, which he called the “Called It,” a sports betting app that make use of HandCash wallet. Unlike existing apps where bettors pool their money and manually send cash to those at the leaderboards, Called It does all the work automatically and is open to users of all ages for just 10 cents.

While the idea of betting 10 cents for one game may seem small for ordinary bettors, Morehouse said it makes the online gaming and gambling industries more inclusive and minimizes losses.

Closing the interview, Morehouse advised developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to experiment and take advantage of existing apps to spur micropayment adoption.

“Experiment, try some stuff, get in any of the apps that are out there…get in and experiment and play with them. And if you’re an app developer, come and build something; think about the business models where you can take micropayments, you can take pennies or fractions of pennies, and try experimenting, try building something. To me, that’s like the play and the fun of it,” he concluded.

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