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IPv6 and blockchain are perfect together, IPv6 Forum’s Latif Ladid tells CoinGeek Backstage

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IPv6 and blockchain are a perfect fit, Latif Ladid, the founder and president of the IPv6 Forum believes. Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage, he broke down how the two fit together, why IPv6 can only be deployed on Bitcoin SV, and the future of the Internet.

Ladid was one of the key organizers of the IEEE Blockchain Symposium, an event in which Dr. Craig Wright delivered a keynote speech about how IPv6, combined with Bitcoin SV, will bring enhanced privacy and security to the Internet. The event also brought together several other thought leaders from the blockchain space.

Ladid told CoinGeek’s Sarah Higgs, “It was a great honor to have Craig with us. I think it was his first time in this place.”

On combining IPv6 with Bitcoin, he stated, “So we wanted to combine for the first time the use of the end-to-end model of the Internet, because that’s how IPv6 will work in the future, and basically was designed with that model in mind, but it was never deployed as such. We are restoring the structure of the Internet as well as the blockchain.”

The event was critical for both blockchain and IPv6, Ladid added. Known in full as the Internet Protocol version 6, it’s the most recent Internet Protocol version. An upgrade on the current IPv4, IPv6 offers a near-infinite range of unique addresses, among other security and privacy implications.

The event was kind of like “an inflection point for IPv6 and blockchain as well by putting them together and creating something formidable,” Ladid said.

Ladid further pointed out that the only blockchain capable of handling IPv6 level of transaction volume is Bitcoin SV.

“With IPv6, we’ll do it with BSV, that’s quite clear to us. [BSV] is the solution for everyone because the cost is very low and the deployment is very efficient. We have a very big vision for the Internet to be combining blockchain and IPv6.”

Ladid sought to draw a distinction between blockchain and digital currencies, describing most of the latter as “some sort of Royal Casino where people are buying BTC to get rich at the expense of some other people who will get poor.” While this has created a very big market, now at $2 trillion, it doesn’t bring much value to the world, he added.

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