Internet browser Maxthon capitalizes on Bitcoin SV power

As the world discovers the power of BSV’s Metanet to power the next generation of Internet applications, Maxthon, the global internet browser company, have announced the next iteration of their browser Maxthon 6 which will be purpose built to capitalize on Bitcoin’s power. Bitcoin SV (BSV) is about the unleashed a torrent of utility through unlimited scaling over the next several months and Maxthon intends to capitalize on it.

In a press release, Maxthon have revealed that they are developing Maxthon 6 to be a Bitcoin-powered browser, capable of browsing and interacting with the Metanet in the same way web browsers surf the web, but with so much more potential. This next generation browser will have easy wallet integration, and integrate seamlessly with BSV applications.

That’s not the only reason to use Maxthon 6 though. It will make uploading data, content and other types of files to the BSV blockchain easier, and potentially without the need to first have BSV on hand. It’ll allow native browsing of on-chain content, making it a very easy to use blockchain browser. It will also have support for threshold key technology, making Bitcoin SV wallets more secure, and easier to manage.

“We want the Maxthon browser to be the online application platform and user’s window to the exciting world of Bitcoin SV combined with the Internet,” said Maxthon founder and CEO Jeff Chen. “Our goal is to make it so easy and seamless to use BSV applications that users do not even need to know BSV is involved in the background.  Consumers will just know they using and earning electronic cash from their online content, data, interactions and activity.  This is the future of the Internet, and why we believe in Bitcoin SV.”

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen was very pleased by Maxthon’s decision to embrace the original vision of Bitcoin. “We believe their Maxthon 6 browser will advance a future Internet that truly rewards users for their data, creates monetary value from user online activity, and incentivizes higher web content – all only possible on BSV,” he said.

Maxthon is already the default web browser for more than 670 million users, a significant user base that will soon have BSV always at their fingertips. Maxthon notes that Maxthon 6 will be in alpha release in late February, with a beta launch in March 2020.

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