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Igniting authorship potential: How to sell e-books and audiobooks using Bitcoin SV

Dive into the revolutionary world of Bitcoin SV with Marquez Comelab, the pioneering founder of In this engaging exploration, Marquez unveils the transformative potential of BSV for writers and authors, illustrating how this ground-breaking platform can empower creators to share and monetize their stories and ideas. Whether you’re an established author or a novice writer, creative storyteller, specialist, or expert with knowledge and ideas to share, this insightful journey into the BSV universe promises to illuminate new horizons in e-book and audiobook publishing. Get ready to reimagine the future of writing in the digital age and get paid for your thoughts, insights, knowledge, and stories.

Imagine a world where every insight, idea, and story you create can instantly transform into a source of income. This is the reality that e-book and audiobook publishing offer. However, traditional publishing has always posed significant challenges for authors due to high production and distribution costs. Today, the landscape is changing. Welcome to the era of digital publishing with Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Navigating the digital publishing landscape with Bitcoin SV

E-books and audiobooks have become a big business in the digital era. The Internet, e-book readers, and listening devices have made these modern distribution methods much more portable, accessible, customizable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. They also integrate various media types, from text to images and sound.

Yet, authors today face new challenges, particularly in maintaining control over their revenues. While major distributors like Kobo Books, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL), Harlequin, and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) dominate the eBook market, the selling and distribution process remains complex. One of the main hurdles is the payment system, which often excludes potential authors residing in countries with limited access to banking facilities or those who find it expensive to receive payments from these major e-book sellers.

For example, these organizations often pay through cheques, incurring substantial fees and excluding many talented individuals with original ideas and exciting stories to share. This issue lies in the dependency on expensive financial and monetary systems to manage and operate, pushing the eBook industry towards domination by big corporations.

However, the advent of BSV is revolutionizing this sphere, opening opportunities for millions of talented individuals worldwide. BSV simplifies the process of creating and selling e-books and audiobooks, thereby democratizing access to digital publishing. This article will explore various platforms available for authors to publish and sell their works using BSV.

I also recorded a video demonstration of these explorations on a YouTube video titled, “Publish and Sell your Books Using Bitcoin SV: Canonic, Immutable Books, Your Website, and BSVSearch“:

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Publish with ease: Exploring BSV-enabled platforms

Step into the world of, a ready-made haven for authors and readers alike. On this well-built platform, you can buy and sell an array of literary works—from books and e-books to audiobooks and even NFT books—powered by BSV.

As an author, you’ll find is a breeze to use. When you sign up, you’ll be welcomed with your BSV wallet. You use it to buy products on the website, and it is the wallet where your BSV earnings from publishing are deposited.

Do you have an e-book or an audiobook ‘gathering dust’ on your hard drive? Bring it to life on Whether your e-book is in ePub, PDF, Mobi, or as a humble text file, or your audiobook is waiting in MP3 format, is ready to showcase your work.

The magic begins with a simple online form. Add your book’s title, author, genre or category, description, language, and price (in USD). And voila! Your masterpiece is ready to conquer the world.

But the real charm of lies in its unique revenue-sharing feature. Imagine collaborating on a book and watching your shared revenues roll in, in real time, with every sale. It’s as simple as it sounds. Each contributor’s Paymail wallets, set up during account creation, serve as the landing spots for these real-time BSV earnings.

Don’t just take my word for it. I delved into the experience myself and bought “US – The Who, What & Why of Mankind” by Dr. Roy Murphy. It was as smooth as silk. Within minutes, I paid, downloaded the PDF, and was immersed in the book’s captivating content. is not just a platform; it’s a revolution in the making. is currently home to a single masterpiece: “The Bitcoin Letters” by Bryan Daugherty. The developers assure me that the platform is gearing up to welcome more authors and their unique stories. Intrigued, I decided to test the waters myself and purchased “The Bitcoin Letters.”

While I couldn’t download the book because the feature is still being implemented, I could read it directly on their platform. And just like, has a nifty feature for revenue sharing. When I bought the book for $7.84, the payment was immediately divided among the author and seven other beneficiaries. This mechanism offers a smooth and efficient way for authors, contributors, sellers, and publishers to reap the rewards of their collective efforts.

Doing this test transaction allowed me to check out the actual transaction costs on the BSV network. What’s truly mind-blowing about the whole process is the network fee. The transaction cost of $7.84 was a measly $0.00003! In the realm of the BSV network, transaction fees aren’t measured in hefty percentages like traditional payment methods. No, they’re calculated in fractions of percentages. In this instance, the fee was a microscopic three-millionths of the transferred amount. Unlike anything I’ve encountered elsewhere, this is a stunningly low transaction fee.

Your Own Website

Step beyond the boundaries of platforms like Canonic and Immutable Books and embrace the freedom of selling your e-books or audiobooks on your very own website. The thought may sound daunting, especially considering the complexities and costs of setting up a payment system. But here’s where BSV steps in, turning the process from daunting to doable in a few simple steps:

  • Create a BSV wallet. (We have articles and videos to help with these in the Endnotes below1.)
  • Book lovers pay you in BSV and send you the transaction hash/ID as their proof of payment.
  • You respond by emailing them your e-book or the link to download the audiobook.

It’s that straightforward.

Depending on your resources and technical know-how, consider bringing professional web developers on board to streamline and automate the process. But don’t fret if you’re just dipping your toes in the water with a limited budget. The above process can be set up on a shoestring budget and in no time.

All you need to kickstart your journey is to register a domain name and a hosting plan. Choose a hosting plan that offers easy installation of open-source content management systems like WordPress or Drupal. With these, you can customize your website in a jiffy to reflect your style. Additionally, make sure your hosting service equips you with a straightforward backup and restoration process should you need to revert your website to a previous version. So, gear up and step into the exciting world of selling your literary works on your platform., is a versatile platform for authors and book enthusiasts alike. Navigating through the site is a breeze—log in, click on ‘Publications,’ and start exploring or selling. If you’re an author, simply fill out a form with your book’s details and upload a captivating cover image. You can even add a direct link to your book on other platforms like Canonic for easy access.

The platform also allows for smooth transactions using your BSV wallets/addresses. Authors can request buyers to make payments to their address and email the transaction hash ID as proof of payment. Payment verification is possible through a blockchain explorer. Upon payment confirmation, the author can email the e-book or a link to the audiobook for the buyer to download.

Once your submission is reviewed and approved, your e-book appears in the publication section, accessible for any edits. With options to add contact details for direct communication with buyers, is a flexible and simple platform for selling books, and it is free to use.

Conclusion: The future of publishing is here

In conclusion, the digital age has ushered in a new era for authors worldwide. The rise of e-books and the advent of BSV empower writers to bypass traditional barriers, maintain control over their revenues, and reach a global audience. The alternatives discussed in this article—,, your personal website, and—are just a few examples of how you can start selling your e-books and audiobooks internationally. You do not have to choose among them. You can use them all simultaneously.

Remember, every thought, idea, and story you have is not just a potential book—it’s your opportunity to make a mark on the world. So, explore these platforms, start leveraging BSV for your works, and step into the future of digital publishing.

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