I paid $10 for HeartMail so you didn’t have to

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In June 2022, former Money Button CEO and Founder Ryan X. Charles demonstrated new features labeled as Milestone 3 for HeartMail. The features included the ability to register Money Button paymails previously bought when that market was introduced in 2019, as well as a referral system. The biggest takeaway from this video was that he intends to iterate on HeartMail with piecemeal features versus a single overall product launch.


My first impression of HeartMail was that most users would be hesitant to start for $10. This hesitation became heightened when he mentioned that you must pay 1 cent each time to sign in (signing in does persist in your browser so long as the user does not clear their cache). I wrote about how the concept of frictionless entry to websites and apps predates the year 2000 in this article, Logging in with Bitcoin. Obviously, this approach directly contradicts that concept. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Ryan clearly sees the adoption of Bitcoin as fundamentally altering users and businesses approach to providing services on the Internet. While $10.01 is a very high barrier to entry, it seems this is a small price to pay for the potential returns.

Source: HeartMail

The actual communication on the application is not live yet, but users can configure their contact fee like the innovative Baemail app attempted to do before it. If just 11 users do indeed sign up and email you (leaving the default $1 contact fee), then one would earn $11 (a 10% return) on that $10.01 initial investment.

Users do not typically view their application experience as a market, nor evaluate its effectiveness in gains or losses. This approach asserts to be so disruptive; one must question its viability. I feel the HeartMail team will really have to help and incentivize users to get over this mental hurdle to gain traction.

Once the communication feature is actually live, I look forward to seeing if users do indeed risk the $10.01 to be a part of this new email model. Baemail was the closest previous example of this type of market and while I personally loved the concept, it did not take off. Right now, there is little incentive to buy an account just to register some named Money Button paymails (that currently have little to zero value).

HeartMail will introduce a market for named accounts, as well as an account transfer function. Speculating on where the app is going, I imagine Ryan wants to get a market going and generate some revenue while rewarding early adopters.

I decided to take the gamble to test the app out, as well as support Ryan who has been one of the most productive and effective pioneers in the entire Bitcoin space. I do criticize the steep entry fee, while acknowledging that a plan must exist to change user’s thought process. That path is also very steep, but if anyone is capable of breaking this paradigm, Ryan certainly is. Register your account today at HeartMail.com.

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