Bloomberg featuring ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood

I am waiting for ARK’s Cathie Wood to mention BSV blockchain’s scaling record

Recently, I stumbled upon a video from Bloomberg featuring ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood. She said something about BTC reaching a million USD per coin in 2030:

YouTube video

While this sounds interesting and probably ensures a lot of clicks, especially given the mentioning of “institutions buying Bitcoin,” I see a great risk here.

Is Cathie Wood not up to date with what Bitcoin achieves nowadays?

Almost three years ago, I pointed out that Cathie Wood, along with her “crypto research team,” is probably missing what Bitcoin enables. Unfortunately, nothing has changed.

Instead of painting a 1 million USD per BTC price target into the blue sky, I wonder why Wood never mentions what is happening on the BSV blockchain. For example, Yahoo Finance reported that BSV blockchain had hit a transactional record.

85 million transactions within 24 hours on the BSV blockchain—just like that. Where is the special report by ARK Invest? Anyone being advised about BTC should know that BSV is scaling unboundedly at an ultra-low cost.

The recent record on BSV is nothing new, by the way. A while ago, famous economist George Gilder applauded BSV for having more transactions than BTC. As the white paper states, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. What is cash if not for the convenient transactions made with it?

YouTube video

Bitcoin inventor Dr. Craig Wright is still censored by mainstream media

From what I have experienced in the past four years, I do not expect balanced information by ARK Invest about anything “crypto related.” Wood and her team are capable enough of understanding if they want to. So, what is really going on here?

If they take the Bitcoin white paper and compare what BTC has done to the original protocol, there should be the idea that “something is off here.” One rarely hears about the Tulip Trust Ltd. case against the BTC developers in mainstream media, even though this should probably be part of investment research in the digital asset market.

Is the so-called digital asset space full of corruption? A commercial attack has been launched against Bitcoin inventor Dr. Craig Wright. While not everyone has to agree with my perspective, not mentioning the above information and the following at all looks more than suspicious to me:

Bloomberg has been trying to inform viewers, but the whole story is hard to get out when people are click-baiting and yelling “1 million per BTC soon”:

YouTube video

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