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How to stay optimistic in Bitcoin’s ‘slow times’: The Bitcoin Bridge gets wisdom from Kurt Wuckert Jr

Prepare for several doses of Bitcoin wisdom in this week’s episode of The Bitcoin Bridge. The latest show is a chat with CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian, Kurt Wuckert Jr.—known as much for his prolific social media postings and enthusiasm as he is for his extensive knowledge of Bitcoin.

Kurt and I have been covering this scene for many years, and we know one thing for sure: sometimes there are slow times in the Bitcoin world. It doesn’t help if things seem slow at the exact same time others we know are hitting the coin/token jackpot. How do we stay optimistic, on message and remain focused on the long game when this is happening?

We talk about the nature of wealth and investing. Bitcoin was never meant to be “a savings account in the cloud”, Kurt says. BSV is a different game. He’s known a lot of people who made a lot of money “buying junky tokens,” and all the best to them. But Bitcoin is supposed to be about changing the world, and that doesn’t just happen overnight. It doesn’t just happen by itself, either.

The token is not the product… or, it shouldn’t be

Look at other blockchains: what does their economy consist of? Often it seems the token or unit they use is the actual product. The “investment” holders make it a gamble at best, a pump-and-dump at worst. In Bitcoin, the BSV unit is not the product, and we shouldn’t think of it this way.

Think of becoming rich because you figured out a way to earn residual income by receiving 50,000 micropayments a day, after solving a real-world business problem, Kurt says. Wealth is always better if you’ve created value for someone else; shown proof-of-work, if you like.

These things take time, and they take effort. To get the full benefit of Kurt’s wisdom on Bitcoin and life in general, you’ll have to watch the whole interview. You’ll definitely come away feeling better than before, even though we’re just as happy to look at the pessimism and not-so-positive points too (we’ll just come up with ways to overcome them).

But even if you’re not an app builder or business problem solver, it’s important to remember there are many other ways to earn an income from the Bitcoin economy. That’s the advantage of being involved in an industry that’s trying to change the world; to build entire new ways of making money. Even if other people build the platforms, in Bitcoin there are still many ways to benefit.

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