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How to prepare for the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai

The BSV Global Blockchain Convention is less than one week away. Whether this is your first conference or you are a seasoned vet, you are going to want to prepare.

Over 50 presentations and panels will take place during the three-day convention, and it’s simply not possible to see every one of them, especially if you are carving out time to have meetings and to see people that you may only know through ‘crypto’ Twitter! With so many presentations, speakers, and people attending, you will want to come to the convention with a game plan.

Plan of attack

Make sure you have time to see the presentations that are crucial to your business or project, as well as the presentations containing topics that you find interesting or innovative. Also make sure to set aside time to have meetings and conversations with other businesses or individuals in the blockchain ecosystem that have good insight or that you consider friends.

So how can you effectively accomplish that in only three days?

Set goals for yourself: Before you embark on Dubai, you should ask yourself what you want to get out of the convention. Setting goals for yourself will give you purpose and objectives. Are you looking to fundraise? Are you looking to collaborate with other businesses? Are you looking to hire? Are you looking to get hired? These are just a few examples of what some attendees will be looking to accomplish while in Dubai.

Once you know what your goals are, you will be able to better understand the approach you should be taking to the convention, and you will ultimately have an easier time navigating the conference and creating your personal agenda.

Create a schedule for yourself: You will want to create a personal agenda, your very own calendar where you block out the days and times of the presentations and panels you would like to see. Once you have created this schedule for yourself, you will know what times you are free to schedule meetings with the businesses that you would like to work with, as well as the times that you are free to meet with individuals and conference attendees, whether that be for business or leisure.

Try to schedule meetings before you arrive! Whether you are a speaker at the conference, producing the conference, or attending the conference, the convention days are a busy time for everyone. Once you have created your personal schedule, you should reach out to the businesses and individuals you would like to meet with and let them know the dates and times you will be free. You will find it beneficial to schedule your meetings ahead of time because it will be hard to get a hold of people once the conference begins!

Beyond the core conference agenda, many side events will pop up off the cuff, whether that be groups of people planning a dinner or meet-ups taking place in the city. Hammering out your schedule and planning meetings before you arrive will give you the flexibility you’ll need to participate in the spontaneous events and gatherings that happen outside of convention hours.

Make the most out of it

Blockchain conferences are far and few in between, which is why you will want to make the most out of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention. If you go into the event with a clear set of goals, an idea of how to accomplish those goals, a schedule that lets you see all of the presentations that will help your business, and a schedule that gives you the time you’ll need to meet and speak with all of the individuals that you would like to talk to, then you are bound to walk away from the convention considering your time there productive and successful.

If you found this article helpful, join us at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai this May 24-26. If you can’t make it to Dubai, you can always join us online. We hope to see you there!

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