Hive co-creator discusses structuring content on Bitcoin SV

Hive co-creator discusses structuring content on Bitcoin SV

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In an interview with CoinGeek, Robin Kohze, the co-creator of data structuring blockchain app Hive, explained the concept and business model behind the app, as well as ways Bitcoin SV (BSV) can reestablish the link between quality content and earnings.

The interview comes after Hive was awarded second place at the second Bitcoin Association Virtual Hackathon, winning $10,000 in BSV at the live final in Seoul.

The prototype product was developed over the 48-hour hackathon, and presented to the judging panel in concept. The idea was rewarded with a place on the shortlist, which saw the Hive team join the CoinGeek Conference in Seoul back in October to pitch in the final stages of the competition.

Hive organizes information by topic, pooling user-generated content on certain subjects into ‘hives’ organized by subject matter. The aim of the platform is to provide a more efficient incentive model for creating and curating content than those which currently exist through social media and only.

Kohze said Hive was about exploring how BSV can be used to create new collaborative systems beyond what has been seen to date, and beyond the core payments functionality of BSV.


Hive aims to address what Kohze describes as the limitations of online discourse, namely that individuals choose and consume selected content within silos, without ever obtaining a rounded, balanced picture.

Because individual media consumers choose their own preferred content, Kohze said people can only form “micro opinions” of certain subsets of problems, rather than gaining a comprehensive overview of often-complex topics.

By working to build more collaborative systems of organizing knowledge, rather than the segmented nature of social media, Hive is designed to allow everyone to profit from better data structuring and sharing.

According to Kohze, the incentives and rewards come from multiple directions—not purely financial, but in terms of social exposure flowing to those providing access to quality information on merit.


Kohze said the incentive model developed around Hive allows for content creation and earning money to be as seamless as possible, with money earned in the background as a by-product of providing quality content. The Hive team are now working on developing the business model, and taking the app to the next level ahead of a wider launch.

Watch Robin Kohze’s presentation at The CoinGeek Seoul Conference 2019:

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