Hayato Kameta on how Zweispace came to Bitcoin SV

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Zweispace made a big splash shortly before the CoinGeek Toronto 2019 scaling conference, declaring that they would use Bitcoin SV (BSV) as their public blockchain. Hayato Kameta, CEO of the Japanese company, quickly made his way to Canada to be at the conference, and there he joined our Becky Liggero on the sidelines to discuss the decision.

Zweispace uses great new technology to improve the data available in Japanese real estate. “We set a height detector in the building, and we code the shake of the building into the blockchain, and then we analyze with the AI,” Kameta explained. “And the gap between the simulated ones and the physical ones, we can identify the crack of the building.”

Liggero asked Kameta what it was that lead his company to choose the BSV blockchain. “Craig Wright disclosed that he’s Satoshi Nakamoto,” he noted, for one. “And also that they will follow the regulations more strictly, and that’s really important. And also, he was proposing to help to design the IoT dashboard, because the detectors needs security. Because we we’re going to install 30 years, 50 years within the building. So in the future, the security attack could be passable to the IoT (Internet of Things) devices. So he has some good ideas, so we’ve been working with him.”

Kameta also noted how he got in touch with Dr. Craig Wright and Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen in the first place:

We have mutual friends, and we had lunch. Jimmy is excited about this project, and we started to talk over a couple of conference calls. And we announced this, so Jimmy kind of invited me to speak here.

Liggero asked Kameta what the current state of blockchain interest is in Japan, and Kameta explained that it still has plenty of room to grow. “Most people were trading [speculatively], but I mean, announcing blockchain reservations of title to some people noticed me, and we tied up with biggest title law firm listed in Tokyo, so we have some current events in Tokyo,” he noted. “But mostly exchanges in Japan.”

YouTube video

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