Zweispace CEO Hayato Kameta on why his company chose Bitcoin SV

CEO Hayato Kameta on why Zweispace chose Bitcoin SV

Zweispace’s decision to choose Bitcoin SV (BSV) as its public blockchain for real estate data storage made a lot of sense, considering their preference for a protocol that emphasized security and working within existing laws. To find out more about why they made the choice, reached out to their CEO, Hayato Kameta.

The property technology company, which tracks real estate information like titles, leasing contacts and earth quake information, operates with a two blockchain system, using their own private blockchain and now BSV as their public blockchain. We asked Kameta how they plan to differentiate the two blockchains in their operation.

As security is a top concern, they plan to use the private blockchain for any sensitive data, he told us. Although they chose the BSV blockchain for its attention to security, out of an abundance of caution, they only plan to write to it data they don’t consider sensitive, or coded data.

Next we asked what other blockchains they considered. Kameta had a lot to say about Ethereum, but none of it good. He cited its unpredictable fees and transaction speeds as a concern, noting, “Security around wallet is not good enough yet, for amateurs.” On top of that, he’s worried that Ethereum’s development team is unconcerned with following laws, particularly those of Japan, concluding “That’s unacceptable for me.”

Their decision to go with BSV, other than what they’ve already revealed, was to choose a blockchain that can do everything they need while still being respectful of theirs, and Japan’s, requirements.

Kameta had a lot to say about the BSV community, and notably it’s leading figures. “Craig Wright contributed a lot to this game, I respect originator.” he said about the man who created Bitcoin. He also said Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Ngueyn is a great facilitator, and the two make a great team.

Zweispace is already benefiting from joining the BSV community. Kameta noted that they’ve already had discussions with Tokenized team to build more on the blockchain.

Kameta ultimately hopes the choice of the BSV blockchain helps grow Bitcoin, leading to greater adoption amongst investors and miners so they can benefit from an increased hash rate. Judging by the market’s reaction to the news, and possibly in anticipating of the CoinGeek Toronto scaling conference, that hope seems to be quickly becoming a reality, as the price of BSV has skyrocketed to $173 at press time.

The Zweispace CEO also hinted that several projects in the works will be revealed at the CoinGeek Toronto conference. Tickets are already sold out, but if you want to watch along live, the conference will be streamed free of cost on Vimeo.

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