HandCash rolls out early access for version 2.5

HandCash has officially gone keyless with the launch of HandCash 2.5! Keyless HandCash has been long-awaited and is a significant milestone for any wallet provider to reach as it makes the lives of the end-user far easier and helps align the digital currency ecosystem with consumer lifestyles and preferences.

“Our favorite aspect of 2.5 is that finally, we’re able to successfully steer our focus with HandCash from a ‘Bitcoin wallet’ to a ‘nano payments ecosystem,’” said HandCash CEO Alex Agut. “The new UI is oriented towards activity instead of money management, and it will be iterating gradually towards what we call 3.0—which is the final form of what we have in mind with this change of philosophy.”

The benefits of going keyless

A 12-word seed phrase, also known as, your private key, is not exactly something easy to remember. Wallet providers encourage their users to write down their 12-word key phrase and store it in a safe location, because if they forget their 12-word phrase, then they will be locked out of their wallet and will no longer have access to their funds.

For digital currency enthusiasts, keeping track of your private-key is second nature. However, for those who are new to digital currency and Bitcoin, the private-key creates friction and a barrier to entry. There is no other time outside of digital currency where you are required to create a multi-word password and keep it safe; beyond that, there is no other time where if you end up losing your multi-word password, that you cannot get in contact with customer service or an account manager to regain access to your account.

The team at HandCash saw that the digital currency industry had these problems and set out to solve them, which they have done in HandCash 2.5.

How it works

“From the user’s perspective, they will only need to validate an email address to make their accounts keyless. That’s all! We take care of the rest. After this transition is made, you will only need to verify your phone number and your email address in order to access your HandCash account,” said HandCash in their announcement.

HandCash’s email/phone number verification are both processes that consumers are much more familiar with opposed to keeping a 12-word seed phrase. Most consumers have to go through a similar process when it comes to logging into their bank account.

How to get HandCash 2.5 

You can currently sign up for early access to HandCash 2.5 by heading over to the HandCash website and joining the waiting list. If you were not one of the first to sign up for early access, then you can expect HandCash 2.5 to officially launch the week of November 23.

As far as what you can expect next from the HandCash team, beyond the global launch of HandCash 2.5:

“Three big things are coming that didn’t make the cut for 2.5—the only one I can discuss are obviously the fiat ramps. Thankfully this is closer than we expected,” said Agut. “We will start in Europe pretty soon. [And] Not your usual Bitcoin-fiat ramps. We solved the dollar top-up problem! You’ll see.”

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