George Gilder tells investors: Adopt BSV, bet on the blockchain with Satoshi

George Gilder tells investors: Adopt BSV, bet on the blockchain with Satoshi

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Source: Vegard Wikeby

All global money will migrate to the blockchain in 5-10 years, and BSV is a “dynamic Bitcoin” that has “really created a miracle in recent months.” Renowned futurist George Gilder praised BSV in a presentation to a group of investment commentators during their online “Six Predictions Summit” event—pointing out the key reasons why investors should adopt BSV, not BTC, as the solution to today’s crises in the economic and technological worlds.

Bitcoin and blockchain have created an “immutable, unhackable” form of money that retains its freedom from government control, Gilder said. As well as providing a foundation for a new world economy, they together overcome the “dual hacking crises” that plague today’s world: technological hacking (“the hacking of the internet by spies, hustlers and phishers”) and economic hacking (“the hacking of money by central banks”).

Six Predictions Summit is an annual event for investors to spot new market trends. It’s usually an in-person event, but was held online this year due to current travel and other restrictions. Hosts Doug Hill and Matt Insley were joined by well-known investment trend spotters such as Jim Rickards, James Altucher, Ray Blanco, Zach Scheidt, and Alan Knuckman.

Bitcoin: similar to gold, but BSV is dynamic not static

George Gilder has, at times in the past, invoked the “digital gold” meme that grew out of Bitcoin. While he again praised gold’s virtues as a store of enduring and real value, this time he noted the key differences between (his words) “the original Bitcoin, BTC” and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, or BSV.

Though he referred to BTC as “the original Bitcoin,” he was careful to point out that the solution he referred to was definitely not BTC. He described that asset as static, useful only to speculators:

“Bitcoin Satoshi Vision has really created a miracle in recent months, rather than the static Bitcoin, which people hold on for dear life. It’s a dynamic Bitcoin that moves with the advance of technology.”

“The new Satoshi Vision this year has now become the source of the biggest number of transactions of all cryptocurrencies. Its capability, its block size, is 2,000 the size of the original BTC Bitcoin, that has this cramped one-megabyte block size.”

Gilder said he’d had a long dinner with Dr. Craig Wright, along with blockchain/timestamping pioneers Scott Stornetta and Stuart Haber, in New York City at the CoinGeek conference the previous week.

The group immersed themselves in the intricacies of blockchain science and he got a real vision of the inner workings of Satoshi’s mind, he added. Though Gilder has been speaking at Bitcoin and blockchain events for almost a decade, he now sees BSV as the only technology that can serve the purpose.

“The best way to bet on the blockchain is to go back to Satoshi, and Stornetta, and Haber, the real sources of blockchain technology, this great invention, and adopt BSV—Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.”

“It really is vindicating Craig Wright’s vision that blockchain can expand with the world economy, it can endow new wealth, can create a new platform for creativity and prosperity.”

And technological security is just as important as economic. The (BSV) blockchain, Gilder predicted, would “will restore global money over the next 5-10 years.” It provides “a foundation of truth, a foundation of factuality, a foundation of immutable value, to any digital system.”

Governments and money are a bad combination

Gilder delivered the 10-minute presentation in his usual enthusiastic style, in part Austrian Economic talking points about central banks and the need to separate governments from their control of money. His own 2015 book titled “The Scandal of Money” describes how governments and central banks have pried the money they create from its original source of value, e.g., gold. They devalue this money through inflation, a process that he says steals from future generations.

He described today’s economy as “basically stagnant” where time and talent are wasted on the US$8 trillion per year pursuit of currency-shuffling:

The biggest industry in the world today is not food, shelter, transportation, healthcare, anything like that. The biggest industry in the world economy today is currency trading. Just shuffling currencies to make up for the absence of any anchor in the value of gold.”

Since the Six Prediction Summit is held by and aimed at investors, Gilder noted that they could check the price of BSV on Coinbase, but not actually purchase it there. He and Hill listed a number of other exchanges where the audience could trade BSV, like KuCoin and BitForex.

“You can purchase it in the knowledge you aren’t just holding on for dear life, you’re actually contributing to a revolutionary change, both in the internet and in the world economy,” he said.

Giving their reactions after Gilder’s speech, Hill and Insley confessed they knew little of BSV or even Bitcoin, with Insley saying Gilder had inspired him to look further, but he’d been confused after trying to look for BSV as a stock ticker.

“What he’s saying is big, and if you listen to his words, very, very big stuff there,” Hill said.

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