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GCash leverages wallet popularity to drive Bitcoin education in the Philippines

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Experts in the blockchain space and finance ecosystem have long stressed the importance of educating the masses to drive the adoption of Bitcoin and other emerging technologies.

However, in the Philippines, where education is often rife in remote places, individuals bet on the convenience of a particular platform or service to push for their adoption, even without proper knowledge of the matter. The team behind the mobile wallet app GCash recognized this benefit while acknowledging the risks of utilizing technologies without truly understanding their use cases.

Head of Partnerships for Crypto at GCash Mark Nunez tells CoinGeek Backstage that safeguarding Filipinos, particularly the youth, is one of the highlights of partnering with edutech platform Bitskwela.

“Bitskwela will help provide educational materials for our users,” Nunez said, announcing the soft launch of the wallet’s latest service, GCrypto.

“What we want is to provide our users with access to a single source of credible information—first, to learn more about crypto, but most importantly, to help avoid scams and how they can safely pay in the space,” he added.

The latest feature of GCash works like a digital currency exchange but is more user-friendly.

Users of GCrypto can buy, sell, send, and receive digital currencies in three simple steps. Nunez said introducing the service makes it easier for Filipinos to access Web3 and other decentralized apps (dApps). Currently, GCrypto has around 22 digital currencies that users can buy and sell.

Reiterating GCash’s goal of protecting users and investors, Nunez said the firm ensures that digital currencies available on GCrypto are curated.

“First, we need to list cryptocurrencies with utility. Second, we need to list cryptocurrencies that are credible or have a high market cap,” he noted. “So, we’re really focused on the consumer, making sure we protect them, and making sure the coins that they’re able to purchase are curated.”

The Bull or Bear debate, where Nunez is a participant, served as an avenue to help GCash rally the youth to take the initiative to arm themselves with proper knowledge about emerging technologies and familiarize their use-cases.

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