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Digital currencies, blockchain, and regulations are hot topics in the fintech industry today. NFTs have become quite a common occurrence, and several countries have while the rest are planning to launch their central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Investors, traders, and developers occupy most real estate in the digital currency space.

In our recent conversation, Gate2Chain Co-Founder and COO Joe Holles de Peyer shared his insights on security tokens, NFTs, content creation on-chain, the growth chart of Gate2Chain, and the upcoming BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai. Gate2Chain is the Platinum Sponsor of the blockchain convention taking place May 24-26 this year.

Can you give us a brief overview of what your company does?

We build software to make blockchain easy for solving real-world problems. We have a set of tools for empowering builders, the main one of which is the G2C Development Suite and to allow them to harness the vast latent potential of the medium. And another set for empowering content creators, with Minta a Social Marketplace where people and companies can open accounts to mint tokens and connect directly with their audience.

Can you describe your target market?

Anybody who sees blockchain as a tools for generating real-world value by focusing on solving real world problems: from solo developers, to small startups, to large corporations who want user-friendly tools to make their lives easier and focus on their added value business proposals and not the nitty-gritty blockchain technicalities. No matter if you are a builder, a content creator or an investor.

What are the common challenges enterprises are facing today where blockchain can be utilized?

Everything from data integrity and monetization, counterfeits and fraud, transparency, traceability, financial management optimization, price efficiency, customer relations and loyalty, etc.

What are you looking forward to the most about the convention being in Dubai?

We are looking forward to getting to know a city and community that we believe will be a driving force in global blockchain development. According to the recently announced regulations, Dubai is taking position as a leader in the sector. We are looking forward to joining forces with local companies and entrepreneurs to accelerate this process.

Why did Gate2Chain decide to sponsor the Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai?

This is a very special occasion for us after over four years of R&D. We have followed the CoinGeek events from the start and are delighted to be part of this particular event. For us, “the coming of age of blockchain” is 2022: the year blockchain claims its place as a global driver for positive change in the world.

If there was one takeaway that you want the audience to know after seeing you and your team at the Dubai convention, what would it be?

We want them to know that Gate2Chain is here to empower businesses and individuals to harness the potential of blockchain. We are looking to build a large network of customers, partners, and collaborators that will drive this industry to mainstream adoption.

Don’t miss out the first ever BSV Global Blockchain Convention taking place at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai on May 24 – 26. Book your tickets today!

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