Global Blockchain Convention

Early bird tickets for BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai now on sale

We previously announced that the CoinGeek Conferences would be rebranded to BSV Global Blockchain Conventions to communicate their increased scope as BSV takes on global dimensions. Early bird tickets for the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in May are now officially available at discounted prices!

What early bird tickets are available and how to get them

The BSV Global Blockchain Convention will take place on May 24-26, 2022. There are five ticket categories: VIP ($1,000 per ticket); General All Days ($300 per ticket); General Day 1, 2, or 3 Only ($150 per ticket); General Networking (complimentary); and Virtual Pass (complimentary).

These ticket prices represent a 25% reduction on the normal cost for General tickets. For those planning to attend the conference, it’s a substantial but time-limited discount.

What does each ticket get you?

VIP tickets get you access to the exhibition hall, complimentary coffee and tea with pastries, access to the VIP section for live presentations, a discount link for hotel rooms, access to private breakout rooms, an invitation to a pre-event reception, and a buffet lunch.

Day tickets and all day passes get you access to the exhibition hall, coffee and tea with pastries, live presentations from the auditorium, discount links for hotel rooms, and a buffet lunch.

The complimentary pass for networking gets you access to the exhibition hall, coffee and tea served with pastries, and access to the cocktail reception.

The virtual pass gets you access to the virtual platform.

What to expect at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention Dubai

It’s been a few years of rapid growth for BSV, and things are really starting to kick into high gear. That energy will shine through at this event. 

So far, some fantastic guest speakers are lined up. These include Dr. Craig Wright, Ahmed Yousif, the Middle East Lead of the BSV Blockchain for Government, Craig Massey from Satoshi Block Dojo, Dr. Basim Zafar of Experts Vision Consulting, and many other academics, entrepreneurs, and BSV ecosystem players.

Based on previous conferences, we can expect many updates about existing BSV applications, including the phenomenal growth of FYX Gaming’s CryptoFights. On top of that, we’ll likely learn about some new entrants or applications, as well as people who have insights into how governments and regulators are receiving BSV. Given team BSV’s connections in the region going back years, could we see some unexpected big announcements? We’ll have to wait for the convention to find out.

Lots of exciting things are happening in the BSV ecosystem. We can’t wait to hear more about them from the guest speakers at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai. Book your ticket today!

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