Dave Case, CTO and Chief Architect of FYX Gaming

FYX Gaming’s David Case: Large transaction sizes, dedication toward scaling are reasons Bitcoin SV is where we need to be

The recently held Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 brought together some of the most influential minds in Bitcoin SV. Among them was David Case, CTO and chief architect at FYX Gaming, and pioneer behind blockchain game CryptoFights.

The virtual event was aimed at providing a technical overview of Bitcoin development for developers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders keen on learning more about the benefits of Bitcoin SV.

Case was first introduced to digital currency over lunch with a friend, who split the bill in BTC. But it wasn’t until the price boom of 2017 the Case returned to digital currency, this time with his eyes firmly on the opportunities it posed. He told Bitcoin Association:

“I got the bug – I had started obsessing about the stuff. At the time, I had started a company several years earlier that I had pretty much replaced myself out of. My passion wasn’t for that company anymore, it was for blockchain, so I just decided to leave my old company.”

Case happened on the idea of CryptoFights as a blockchain-powered game making use of NFTs and other features.

Alongside co-founder and CEO Adam Kling, Case began developing the game on blockchain—initially for Ethereum. However, it didn’t take long for the pair to realize Ethereum simply wasn’t up to the challenge, and an alternative option was required to achieve their technical aims.

“We fairly quickly realised Ethereum layer one wasn’t going to work at all for us. So, we spent that whole year researching Ethereum second-layer solutions, payment channels, and all that esoteric stuff.”

“Then in 2018 when the BCH-BSV fork happened, something got me looking into Bitcoin as a development platform, and from there the answer was very, very clear.”

Noting the specific benefits of Bitcoin SV over other platforms, Case said it became clear Bitcoin SV was the blockchain they needed for the project.

“The large transaction sizes and the dedication toward scaling and a stable protocol are the reasons that Bitcoin SV is where we need to be.”

CryptoFights remained under development, but according to Case, the project was accelerating at a fast pace. FYX was simultaneously building out its SDK for blockchain game developers, designed to make it more accessible for developers to build games on Bitcoin SV.

They are also working on a feature that would allow users to create their own tokens and token marketplaces, as well as a feature to create NFTs with ‘meltability functionality.’

“What we’re working on a lot right now is the fixed platform which the SDK will take advantage of. That includes ways for users to create their own tokens and ways for users to create or to list the whole marketplace around tokens to buy, sell and trade.”

“Separately from what most people are doing with NFTs, our tokens also have a meltability functionality so you can actually back them with Bitcoin.”

The feature means user NFTs can include BSV, which is redeemable when tokens are ‘melted down,’ providing another innovative feature for use in developing new gaming worlds.

Watch David Case present at Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021, covering blockchain technologies for games development, use cases for blockchain in gaming, and progress on the development of the SDK for gaming developers.

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