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Fine arts, metaverse fashion, digital NFT robot and more: CoinGeek Bitcade goes to Crypto Connect Expo

Florida has become one of the world’s biggest digital asset and blockchain hubs, and the success of the Crypto Connect Expo in Palm Beach proved that the Sunshine State isn’t slowing down. CoinGeek Bitcade was at the event, with Kurt Wuckert Jr. leading the pack and meeting fine artists leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs), metaverse fashionistas, an NFT digital influencer, the FYX Gaming team, and more.

CryptoFights has redefined blockchain gaming, and FYX Gaming CEO Adam Kling was at Crypto Connect to talk about on-chain gaming, NFTs, and more.

As he told CoinGeek, once he told people that the entire game—not just the NFTs—was on-chain, “it blew their mind on what’s possible [with blockchain technology].”

Kling is working on CryptoFights 2.0, which he says will be “a massive expansion to the game, with a lot more content.” FYX is also developing a marketplace where users can trade the upcoming in-game token. Users can use this token to buy NFT items. Kling expects everything to launch by the end of the year.

“I’m very excited, and it’s going to be massive. We’re already on Google Play now and hope to expand to more distribution platforms as we go on and as we scale our infrastructure, that’s when we’re going to start to get really exciting. My goal is to be the biggest app on the biggest blockchain, and that’s BSV.”

Crypto Connect was dominated by NFT projects, each focusing on solving a particular challenge or opening up a new opportunity. For Joel Alvarez, the creator of the Black Tape Project, it’s all about fusing AI with blockchain. Joel has created Molly, the “world’s first NFT digital influencer. She’s not just a computer-generated digital influencer; she’s an NFT.”

By selling her NFTs, the team is raising funds which it will channel to improving her AI. Already, she’s learning how to DJ, and in five years, “she’ll be able to speak back and respond to people.”

Megan Nilsson, known to her fans as Crypto Megan, was at Crypto Connect as well. Megan is a ‘high-end crypto and NFT consultant’ who works with investors, celebrities, and companies to build their digital assets and NFT portfolios.

For companies, brands, and even artists seeking to get into NFTs but don’t know the first thing about the space, Team Wen Moon was at the event to guide them in their NFT journey. The agency, which also acts as a launchpad for NFT projects, works with its clients throughout the NFT cycle, from ideation to development and marketing.

The event attracted a horde of artists seeking to learn a thing or two about how they can leverage NFTs to take their art to the next level. Katie Cunningham, a fine artist, had some of her pieces on display, and for any purchase, the customer received an accompanying NFT.

“[NFTs] are bringing back the value of fine art again,” the artist told CoinGeek.

One of the more unique projects was Ugly Duck Society, a fashion brand in the metaverse. The collective helps clients transition into the NFT and metaverse world. And while men dominate the space, the Ugly Duck Society encourages women to take the lead.

“We want to make sure that we [women] stamp our authority in this space as well,” the collective told CoinGeek.

Crypto Connect attracted a wide variety of attendees, some excited about NFTs, others seeking to learn about the metaverse, and some looking for solutions that could elevate their businesses. The one thing they all had in common was their willingness to learn about how blockchain can impact their lives, Kurt summarized.

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