Faia Reboot: Wang Fuqiang talks how Volt makes BSV more accessible

Bitcoin was once considered a digital currency for cypherpunks and technophiles, a perception it has shed as it has grown into a global currency. However, there are still many who are put off by its complexity. This is the challenge that Volt has been out to solve. At the Faiā Reboot event, co-founder Wang Fuqiang delved into why making Bitcoin BSV easier to use could be the key to mass adoption.

Wang previously worked with Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus and Oppo. It was when he was sent to India for work that he realized Bitcoin’s value in cross-border funds transfer. He helped many of his countrymen send their money back home to China using Bitcoin. However, many of them kept losing their private keys, spurring him to develop an easier way to store Bitcoin, out of which Volt was born.

Volt wallet is one of the easiest-to-use digital currency wallets in the market. It allows its users to store digital currencies without the fear of losing their private keys, making it easy to access their wallets through a simple face scan. It also has unique features such as asset inheritability and shared accounts.


Wang explained why Volt chose BSV, “It’s very clear that if you want to build a business or a product that’s to be used by tens of millions of people, you have to find a scalable platform to build on. It’s now clear that BSV is the only public blockchain that has solved the scaling issue.”

Despite being less than 2 years old, BSV has already shown that it’s possible to realize Satoshi’s original vision. However, Wang believes that the BSV community still has a lot to do in order to gain mainstream adoption.

The future of BSV hinges on both the developers and the users.

“For the users, we need very simple and easy-to-use platforms,” Wang said. Volt is solving this problem, giving the average user a seamless platform to access Bitcoin.

For the developers, having access to easy-to-use tools could make a huge difference. These tools make it easier for the developers to build solutions for the users. Platforms such as RelayX, Maxthon and sCrypt are already playing this role, but for BSV to become a global network, we will need more players in this field, Wang concluded.

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