Educating, empowering and evolving: Michael Hudson shares his Bitcoin journey

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Michael Hudson has been on the front line in driving the adoption of Bitcoin in the U.K. and beyond. His company Bitstocks has continued to educate millions across the world about Bitcoin and the possibilities it presents us. At the CoinGeek London 2020 conference, he shared how Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig Wright has shaped his understanding of Bitcoin and how his company is spearheading adoption in Europe.

Hudson’s understanding of Bitcoin has been greatly influenced by Dr. Craig Wright, he told the audience during his presentation. To Hudson, what stood out the most is Dr. Wright’s assertion that Bitcoin is the first biologically-inspired network. This led Hudson on a journey to better understand Craig’s assertion, and this has shaped Bitstocks to what it is today.

“As a business, we have drastically changed due to the realizations that Craig has dropped on the space. We, as a business, have spun around his vision,” he said.

This has led Bitstocks to focus on three principles: educating, empowering and consequently, evolving. Educating is the core passion of Bitstocks, Hudson said. It has done so via Bitstocks Media, where through series like Truth and Light, The Awakening and The Bitstocks Podcast, the company speaks its truth.

Once you have the knowledge, the next step is to become empowered. Bitstocks does this through the Gravity banking ecosystem. “Only once a human being can stand on sovereign grounds can he effect his knowledge to the truest sense of the word,” Hudson said.

Evolution is the next step, with Bitstocks endeavoring to push humanity forward across the world.

Hudson said Bitstocks is launching a collaborative research division endorsed by Nassim Haramein, a renowned scientist and a world leader in unified physics. The division will “unlock the real hidden potential that is within Bitcoin and artificial intelligence, to bring a real benevolent solution that can only be governed and run on top of Bitcoin,” he said.

In an interview with CoinGeek’s Hannah Jackson, Hudson revealed for the first time that Gravity was expanding to the rest of Europe, excluding Germany. Bitstocks users can buy Bitcoin SV, as well as BCH and BTC through one of the quickest onboarding processes in the world.

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