Bitstocks expands Gravity service into Europe

Off the back of a successful public launch in the United Kingdom following CoinGeek London 2020, Bitstocks has expanded Gravity’s services into Europe. Gravity is Bitstocks’ Bitcoin banking ecosystem and is one of the easiest ways for residents in the U.K. and now Europe—except Germany—to buy and sell Bitcoin SV as well as BTC and BCH. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Gravity?

Gravity is the easiest way for U.K. and European residents to buy and sell Bitcoin, with one of the quickest automated onboarding processes around. Beyond buying and selling, users can earn passive income for life through Gravity’s Introducer Program, keep their bitcoin in cold storage for safekeeping, and make GBP deposits and withdrawals almost instantly with Gravity’s Faster Payments System (for U.K. users). 

“Branching into Europe is incredibly exciting for all at the firm,” said Michael Hudson, founder and CEO of Bitstocks. “This significant step represents the second stage of our aspirations to be able to offer easy, accessible everyday financial services, backed by the power and scale of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, to a global collective.”  

At the moment, the following trading pairs are available to Gravity users: GBP/BSV, GBP/BTC, GBP/BCH, BTC/BSV, and BTC/BCH. The launch into Europe extends this to include EURO/BSV, EURO/BCH, and EURO/BTC. 

Gravity’s Introducer Program

Through Gravity’s introducer program, if a Gravity user—let’s call her Alice—refers a friend—let’s call him Bob—to Gravity, and Bob signs up and begins trading, Alice will receive 20% of Bob’s transaction fees for life.

In the Introducer Program, every Gravity user receives 10 referral links that they can send to individuals looking to join Gravity. Although each user is capped at ten referrals (10 new user sign-ups), they can always request more. The higher a user’s conversion rate is when it comes to signing up new users, the more likely they are to receive more referral links upon request.

Bitcoin needs onramps

The launch of Gravity is crucial for the Bitcoin ecosystem. At the moment, Bitcoin lacks onramps and offramps. Only a handful of exchanges provide support for BSV, and most of those exchanges throttle BSV usage by requiring a ridiculous amount of block confirmations before they allow the funds to hit a user’s account or external wallet. 

However, Gravity makes Bitcoin buying, selling, and holding a painless process. With an easy to use, intuitive user interface and a referral program that lets users earn passive income for life, Gravity is one of the best resources individuals can turn to for all of their Bitcoin banking needs.

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