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Earn some satoshis for your thoughts: The Great Blockchain for Gaming Survey

The gambling industry has so much to gain from blockchain technology. To feel comfortable with blockchain tech takes some time though, especially when you’re not working exclusively within the blockchain space.

The best way to familiarize yourself with an innovative technology is to get your hands dirty and start using it. My introduction to Bitcoin in 2012 at a conference, I was helped to open my first Bitcoin wallet on my smartphone and sent a few cents worth of Bitcoin from the other person’s wallet to mine—the whole process took a handful of minutes and totally blew my mind. The money that was sent arrived in my wallet instantly.

Fast forward to today and the opportunity to “see the light” like I did has returned.

One of first steps towards feeling comfortable with Bitcoin (BSV) is to open a wallet and start using it. This is your key to so many exciting applications existing within the space today, including mobile gambling sites, social media platforms, advertising platforms, video streaming services and much, much more. Thanks to developments in the space since 2012, the process of opening up a wallet and using it has become even easier than when I was first exposed, so literally anyone can do it.

For the purposes of this survey, I’m encouraging you to start your BSV journey with downloading the user-friendly HandCash, a wallet created by a cutting-edge group of professionals who I’ve spent time with at CoinGeek Conferences throughout the years. If you take the survey by Tuesday, March 23, for those who share their HandCash username or “$handle” (mine is $BSVBecky) within it, CoinGeek will send you a few Satoshis as a thank you for your thoughts. 

If you’d rather not download the wallet, of course that’s your own choice, but I’d be grateful if you could spend 5 minutes to take the survey anyway.

So why the survey?

Put simply, I would love some guidance on what kind of blockchain content to create for gambling industry professionals. What would you find helpful? What would you find interesting? What kind of topics should I focus on with my interviewees? What kind of blockchain conference sessions would you make the time to attend? Your answers to this survey would be enormously helpful for all of the above.

My main objective this year is to help myself and gambling industry professionals become more familiar with blockchain and inspire innovation between these two industries. Yes, blockchain may have been a buzzword in the gambling world in the past, but we’ve recently hit a tipping point with the technology and just about—if not all—of the limitations that existed before have since been solved. The tech is finally ready to go and ground-breaking solutions for gambling industry companies are just a hop, skip and a jump away.

The questions in this five-minute survey will explore your level of blockchain knowledge and interest and also identify the pain points you experience in your role within a gaming industry organization. For those who wish, there is an opportunity to sign up for content CoinGeek will be curating specifically for the gambling industry space, thanks to your feedback from this survey.

Thank you very much for helping me achieve my goal, it is such an exciting space and I am so happy to be sharing it with you. A brilliant first step to “catching the Bitcoin SV bug” is to play around within the buzzing ecosystem via HandCash, so I encourage you download the wallet, have some fun and make a little money while doing it.

Check out The Great Blockchain for Gaming Survey here.

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